Why do people like UGGs and other shoes like them (e.g. EMU, Bearpaw)?

I don't understand. Not only are they cruel, but they aren't flattering either... they just make your feet look round and big. There's nothing truly fashionable about them.I understand everyone has their own different taste but really... is it just because a lot of other people wear them? I get that they're warm but is it really worth killing animals over that?

Please actually answer my question.

Please no comments about animals.
Please do read my comments.

So, no, it's not hypocritical.

Thank you to those few people who actually did answer my question.
I'm not judging anyone who does wear UGGs.
I just want to know why you wear them, why you think they're cute?
What features about them are cute..
That's all.. gosh, no need to get defensive.
Stop answering question, please.

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  • I have an UGG type shoe, but they DEFIANTLY are not UGGs I wouldn't buy real UGGs because they of course use fur and plus they're like expensive and people make such a big deal about having them, every girl at my school has them (well the rich ones at least) those damn shoes were sold out in my state! People are actually paying so much to be trendy, I find it crazy.However I do have shoes that are similar to UGGs, they look exactly like the real thing, they just don't have those three letters sewn into them which makes them so damn expensive.Honestly to answer your question, I really don't think they're really that cute...they just keep my feet warm, if it wasn't cold I'd still be wearing flip flops.

    • your state? so not australia?

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  • Acutally, I don't like them.

  • We have UGG boots everywhere here in australia (They are Australian after all) and they are everywhere

  • well it is a better alternative to throwing away lamb fur since lambs are farmed for the meat.

    • The lambs used in UGGs aren't used for meat.So, yea, they're wasting meat.

  • the world as majority has no style, the general public wears what ever the media shoves at them as long as it catches on as a whole

  • wait... did you put that uggs ad in your post or is it just a hilarious coincidence?but ya you're right. there are A LOT more followers than leaders out there. just take music on the radio for instance. every other song sounds the same.

    • No, haha. I think it just adds an ad of whatever's mentioned on a page.And yes, I agree. Hopefully some at least wear them because they like them. Same for music. Hopefully artists actually like what they're making.

  • Few things in this world are more irritating than a militant vegetarian. Why is it that you think you need to spread your gospel around? When the religious people show up at your door and start preaching do you like that? Probably not yet you think you should do the same thing to others? UGGs are awesome for what they were made for. Originally they were made for surfers after they get out of the cold ocean. The wool is warm when wet still, doesn't promote odour and are surprisingly comfortable walking on a beach. I got my first pair in the 80's for just this reason. I will agree that they are a little silly to wear as a fashion statement but you can not argue with comfort. And I'm all for anything that has function before fashion.BTW I hope you are a serious vegan. Like if you get sick you will refuse the drugs cause they were probably tested on animals. You will not get vaccinations cause they are produced using animals. When cancer happens you don't take the drugs cause they are made of animals. Don't bother trying to say meaty this and meaty that to me because I am a vegetarian who hates people that think they have to preach their crap to everybody. The fact that you do that is not to convince others but to convince yourself. I would expect every vegan to know this cute little Buddhist quote - 'Those that know do not talk, and those that talk do not know'.

    • And where did I say anything about meat? Did you even read my question?I asked why people like UGGs, why they think they're cute, then I specially said not to mention veganism and not to answer anymore. And no, I don't care if this is an answering questions site, I have enough answers.And since you seem to like quotes: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”-Gandhi

    • I never "preached" veganism. I just once said that UGGs are cruel. There are hundreds of things I can say about being vegan, did I? No. Either you made up what I said in your head or you don't know the meaning of the world 'preach.'As for health, I'm healthy now so I don't need to worry about that. My doctor knows that I'm vegan and supports it. If you actually tool the time to research information before what you just said, you'd know that a majority of all medicine is vegan.

  • welll...are you wearing boots to attaact GUYS or foir your girlfriends to feed you ego?I';m 43, but... a lot of young guys around herre hunt and are on the same wavelength as me...LOOK... real guys don't care WHAT shos you are wearing, or boots...as long as those thngs are worn in winter, adn are natural leather color, and not dyed pink or blue...the booys would think they were normal boots around here...my old lady has literally 6 college degrees, and works I the states capitol... and OUT of work, she wears "work boots" back and forth to the bus stop, LMSO... and so o many of the cute young girls around here that have boys flocking around them...othe girls that don't "get it: don't understand why "some girls" can dress like a "steelworker" and still get dates...LMAO... men don't care, and we LIKE it when girls wear work boots. You seem "normal" then... when its winter. MEN are practical, and normal... we don't follow fashion...emo-scene f@g boys "don really count" outside of their little skater cirvles, and when they get out of highschool, we make fun of them till they act and dress like normal men...

    • um, girls don't wear it to attract guys?we wear it cause its comfortablewe don't live to please guys, just sayin

    • umm f-u for putting emo and skaters together. They are not the same thing at all.

    • Haha I'd disagree... I'm just saying =P

  • I just wanted to let you know that the page loaded your question for me with a great big ad for an ugg boots clearance website. I wasn't going to answer this originally but this was too funny not to mention.

    • hahaha same

    • Hah.. yea. It's because people keep using "UGGs" on this page.. kind of how ads work.. hah..

    • hahaha, I see it too,thats too much

  • Comfortable

  • Vegan's like the sh*ttest thing you can be isn't it? Any kind of animal product is out, awww. Can't even just make it halal or have a drink of milk. What about if things use bee's wax, is it out too?

    • Yeh, my vegan housemate won't eat honey, so I'm guessing beeswax is out.

  • I'm kind of having trouble understanding the question. Are you asking why girls like uggs? I asked that question. Some of the answers were pretty interesting.

    • Funny enough, a lot of responders to that article you linked to were defending Uggs, but no other brand.

    • Hah, well, that's quite interesting.Hah.. Crocs are on that list. x] Means that UGGs are legit ugly.

    • Well, uggs did get voted as one of the ugliest shoes ever made. I saw an article about it on Yahoo. Here is the link for proof. link

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  • I like them because I think they look cute on a girl.

    • Hm, if it makes you feel better, I meant to vote you up because you had a valid point but I accidentally pressed down...

    • Why should I get a thumbs down.

  • The truth of the matter is that everyone has different tastes in what they like. We all have different imaginations and we are totally incapable of comprehending what goes on in the imaginations of others. And really, isn't that what your fashion style is supposed to be a result of? Your imagination?As far as the "cruel" aspect, I understand that you are Vegan but we do not yet have substitutes for for everything we can get from animals. For instance, most motorcycle safety apparel is made from leather hides from either the cow, goat, or kangaroo. The reason for this is because there is nothing we can synthesize with science that has the protective qualities of these leathers without spending tens of thousands of dollars on just one protective suit. And while we do have polyfill for coats now, I've never felt warmer than in clothes with authentic fleece lining.My nutritional goals require me to consume more protein than carbohydrates, which is only possible with a fair amount of meat/dairy in the diet, since anything grown from the ground WILL have more carbs than protein.

    • And if that's not good enough, protein powderrrrrrrrr. :DLook up some pro athletes. You'd be surprised to see how many are vegan. :] Hah.

    • facilities. No joke. Google it. Plus the fact that they use chemicals to spot the product from rotting, means it won't be biodegradable.)And as for food, protein. Please, just please never ever say that to a vegetarian or vegan, we get tired of it.. hah. :] But it's totally understandable that you think that. Vegs can recieve just as much protein as a meat-eater but the great thing about vegans is that they will never have cholesterol! :] As for carbs, excercise does the body good.

    • I feel that I have to protect veganism so don't take any offense to this, I mean it in the most helpful way. :]There are actually so many alternative. You won't believe it. Leather is just one of the easy ones. In fact many companies has actually decided to use high quality faux leather (not that awful cheap PU stuff) instead of real leather because it's cheap and coloring it isn't toxic. (To color and preserve leather is extremely toxic. People have actually died from working in such...

  • They look like warm, comfortable, sensible footwear. That makes the person wearing them more interesting to me. The fashion aspect is lost on me. Most fashions seem to make the wearers look like tools.

  • You're a vegan?Well that's just spitting evolution in the face.

    • We have the incredibly complex ability to break down meat for a reason, if everyone was vegan, there would be serious ecological implications.

    • All those vitamins and alternatives are human made.We've been living off of animals since the beginning of our existance.

    • You both are amazing, just saying.

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  • I personally find them hideous, (no offense to any one that wares them =P) there are so many other more fashionable boot choices. Lol but I have seen a lot of girls that looked really cute in them, it just had nothing to do with the boots =P I also think that you are right about a lot of girls waring them just because they see other girls waring them,and I think that this desire is increased substantially because A) they are somewhat expensive footwear, and B) a lot of girls that are perceived as fissionable, wealthy, beautiful and stylish ware them. I personally really like boots on a girl, I just think that there are a lot of companies that make them better then particularly UGG. And trust me, there are alternatives that are just as fashionable and up-to-date but don't make you look like you have boats on your feet =P ;P

    • Lmao UGGs for men? What will they think of next... I wonder if they actually sell.

    • Hah, well, apparently there are UGGs for men now. :O! Shocking..And, well, for me it depends on the occasion, sometimes some canvas sneakers or high-tops if it's just causal. And other times, faux leather heels or cork sandals (sounds ugly but I assure you, the ones I have are cute:D). Depends on weather too.. hah.

    • no Mam I do not although I do have some killer heels! JK JK ha ha what are your footwear choices btw?

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  • I don't give a damn about animals, but I agree, they are ugly.

    • Haha, SocietysBomb, that's what I though when I first saw them!

    • lol. they look like astronaut boots.

  • Do you drink milk? Eat meat? Eat eggs? Do you religiously check products for signs of animal testing? (The make up you're wearing and the soaps and shampoos you use are tested on animals against their will!) Ever take antibiotics? Almost any medication ever? Do you enjoy the benefits of not having your food poison you every few days?Congratulations, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you directly benefit from animal exploitation and slaughter. You're a hypocrite!

    • @kaseykahneno1 - It's because people mention it. You stand up for your beliefs, right? Well, that's what I'm doing.

    • funny how you said vegan has nothing to do with your question... just saying.. LOL

    • Because you said people should pay attention to what others actually say. Which was the opposite of what you did.

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  • They are pretty comfy, I'm sure that they will fade out. I wear them and I am vegetarian, just not one for animal rights because I wear leather.

  • my grandarent git me uggs for Christmas a few years ago and I love them. I no ther hedious but they are so warm and comfy I don't care. also they have lasted for 5 years now and still work fine.

  • I understand the animal cruelty part, that is why I wear fake ones, however as far as style is concerned everyone I am sure has a different reason. Mine are that they are comfortable and that it is kinda faupa where I live to wear them with shorts and I love going against the grain lol. Plus guys tend to like girls in boots and most aren't particularly comfortable, these are a good alternative.

  • They are comfy and easy. Uggs and jeans= cute but Uggs and shorts= tacky.

  • i hate uggs lol they are disgust. ewww when girls where their t-parties, abercrombie shirts, uggs, and have their hair in that high bun. can't stand it!

  • Yeah Ugg boots are god awful ugly. Too bad EVERY girl on campus is rocking them! Gross. =/

  • They go with almost everything and they send your feet to foot heaven.

  • i don't give a crap about the animal thing,i wear them cause they're comfy, end of story :)

    • Haha, alright. That's understandable. :]

  • didn't you already ask this? look, if you like uggs wear them. I personally think they look like oversized slippers, but I wear them anyways:)

    • No, I didn't. This is from 10 days ago. That's why I told people to stop answering but apparently no one read that. >.<

  • Uggs were actually slippers in Australia. Some weirdo from here went there and said OOOH cute! Then some celebrity wore them and BAM! the sheep did what sheep do...everyone and their mother started wearing them.I like them fine, as SLIPPERS... but since I'm in CA and there's no reason to wear them, (it's hot here imo almost all the time) I don't see myself getting them. I don't understand how so cal can wear them at all, it's hotter there than here!Anyway, that's why they're so popular. I'm with you. They're not that great. As for the animal thing, don't let people get you down for your beliefs. I understand vegans but you wouldn't have gotten into the debates if you hadn't said the kill animals line. If you left it at, I don't get why people wear these, you wouldn't have gotten into the debate at all. Just fyi if you don't want to start a fight over something simple.It doesn't matter if you're an animal lover or a hunter (I don't like that at all...) because ultimately, your question was about fashion. Stick with fashion. :)

  • UGG boots are too expensive for me so I don't own any but I have had boots like uggs and their super comfortable that's why I like them

  • i personally do not think they look good, but I understand if people want to wear them because they are warm. however, I don't get why people wear them in the winter, because from my knowledge uggs are not waterproof. so they do not seem very practical in rain or snow. so I guess I don't really see the point of wearing uggs because they do not seem functional

  • I find that style of boot comfortable. However!, I do not buy the actual UGGS, EMU or any other kind that is made from animals. I buy cheap fake ones that are made of man-made materials :) They are like 1/800th of the price and look the same!

  • I have a pair but DO NOT think they are cute.I thought they were cute when everyone had them and it was the cool thing to do 5 years ago when I was 18. Now I'm older and realize they aren't cute. However, I still wear them because they are SO WARM and keep my feet even warmer than my North Face Boots. I could stand in a foot of snow for 5 hours and my feet would still be warm when wearing my Uggs. I've also use to have a pair of the fake-knock off in black about 5 years ago when I first bought my Uggs. Those have fallen apart and never really kept my feet warm and dry. My real Uggs still look nice and I'm wearing then 5 years later. Even if they were 150 dollars, at this point that's only $30 a year to wear them.

  • I actually DON'T like Uggs. They make your feet sweat, which is gross feeling. And pardon my pun, but they're just Ugg-ly!

  • I don't care for the boots,as in the style of it,and I don't own a REAL pair of uggs.I have a knock off pair,and to be honest,my feet are always WARM and they are insanely comfortable...like a pair of slippers.

  • Uggs, to my understanding, were initially a boot made in Australia for surfers to have something to put their wet sandy feet into when they got out of the water. They were designed for that (the wet feet full of sand). Practical for that situation, yes. Uggs started giving them to films as a comfort shoe/boot for the cast (when actors are wearing uncomfortable footwear, they often have a "comfort shoe" on set that the Set Costume Supervisor will trade out for them, between scenes, having the on screen shoes standing by for when they are ready to roll.) Celebrities started wearing them around, with their jeans, doing errands, keeping them after the films, and then it became a fad. Fads don't have to look good or suit everybody. I'm not a fan of Uggs, myself. Perhaps as a slipper at home, but leather seems unnecessary indoors. I hope that helps answer your question.

    • I live right next to Canada, k, thanks.It's gets just as cold here.Have you ever tried on any other boots because, hun, they are just as warm and they actually protect you from falling.And they do use suede, look into how UGGs are made before you add a comment like that.

  • TROLL hahahaK, sweetheart where do you live?Cause to people like me who live in Canada,with -27C *not including the wind chill... Its not a choice for me, the question is do I like to keep my feet? or shall I be stylish and not 'round' looking and loose my feet to frost bite? YA NO thx.Rephrase your question to more specifics.*Happy note, I was informed that they arnt actually skin of any animal,you know the clothes you wear? ya its the same wool used from those damn sheep.Vegetarian here k thx.

  • First of all its wool, people wear them because its warm, and it make somepeople look skinny. Because they're so big and round they make your legs look skinnier. Its expensive because its made from the real material. I know, you being a vegan and all, that its killing animals but isn't that what people do? From day one of the human exsistance people hunted animals for food. Its the way of life. IF the sheeps were close to extinction or something then I would understand that its cruel, but no there are millions of sheeps and alpacas everywhere so there really shouldn't be so much people whining about how animals are being killed for shoes.. blah blah blah. Everything humans use is pretty much animal produced. Silk sweaters? silk worms. Barbie dolls? Horse hair. Make up? I don't know what animal goes in it but there is one. I read about it online. I think uggs are pretty :3 Their round, have cute designs on them, warm, and goes with everything

    • exaggerated. Early humans were mostly gatherers. Some tribes didn't even have hunters. True fact. :] I don't blame you for thinking that.. we've grown up being taught that. Like, for goodness sake.. Got Milk wastes 63 Billllllion dollars convincing america that we need milk. It's stupid but that's how they keep their job. And if you look into products, most were vegan originally. [:Thanks for answering my question though. :]A lot of people have different views of the roundness of UGGs.

    • I understand why you think it's not cruel, but I feel that it's cruel that the animals aren't put down and then skinned. They can feel all the pain, and that isn't necessary, but companies feel its too expensive to put down animals first and frankly only care about the money factor. And actually, if you look into the existence of mankind, humans actually did live off plants, it's when the weren't able to find food, like famine, that they hunted. The whole idea of hunter and gatherers is...

  • Are they actually made with real fur? Or are you referring to the leather?I'm against real fur, because the animals are killed just for fashion, which is stupid. I'm OK with leather though because cows are used for their meat as well, so it's not such a waste.I kind of admire you for being vegan. I don't think I could do it.No, I don't like ugg boots. I imagine the fur soaks up a lot of water, and they look silly. Also I always wear my jeans outside of boots so they'd be wasted on me.I think girls might wear them because they're big, and make their legs look skinny in comparison.

    • Oh, and honestly it not hard being vegan at all.If you ask any vegan or vegetarian I guarantee that they will say that the hardest thing about it is dealing with people who don't accept it.As you can see here... hah.

    • Yupp, UGGs are made with fur and leather. Most faux fur boots like UGGs use real leather though.And thanks. :]And yupp, I get what you mean. I guess that's a possibility.

  • I like fake uggs, especially black ones. In my oppinion they go with almost everything and they are extremely comfortable.

  • I wear Airwalks that look just like them and I love them! They are just so comfortable. They are like everyday shoes it's like just something you wear. I'm a vegetarian so I get where your coming from! :D

  • I wear them because everyone else wears them. I'm not gonna pretend like that's not the reason. It's totally the reason. I mean, yeah they are comfy and warm. But I just wanna fit in. And I'm sure people will hate on me for this, but I'm just answering the question.

    • That's a truthful and awesome answer.Thanks for answering my question. :]

  • I love my uggs, I mean they are definitely not the cutest boots ever but they are super warm and comfy which is a plus since I live in a cold area. I don't really worry about other peoples opinions on what I wear anyway.

  • I like uggs, they are comfy. That is the only reason I wear them. I don't care about fashion or trends and I sure as heck don't care what people think about what I wear.

    • Haha, right on. That's all that matters. :DThanks for answering. :]

  • they are comfy and wen you live in the cold area they keep your feet warm that's why I wear them, thought they were ugly as f*** but they are warm

    • bcuz I live somewhere cold and I need them if I want my feet to b warm

    • Why would you want to wear something that's ugly as f***?

  • I think they are the ugliest boots ever. I would never buy a pair. I don't care how much other people like them. Which is okay as long as I don't have to wear them. In my opinion, they make you look like big foot. Too ugly. Oh and crocs are just as ugly. But hey that's just my opinion, because, I like girlie things if it not flattering to me, I just don't like.

    • Oh my gosh, me tooo! :]Thanks for answering my question. :]

  • I used to have a pair, and I honestly only really wore them because I could get them on/off quikly, and they were warm.And on another note, being against killing animals for the mas production of clothing is completely different than using animals for medicinal purposes, so she's not a hypocrite, all of you saying she is are really ignorant.

    • Aw, thanks for standing up for me. :]You have no idea how much that means to mean. :]<3

  • If it weren't for the toe part's shape I'd think they'd look a lot cuter. I do really like the fuzzy boot look, though I believe there are better boots for the job.What I don't understand is wearing them when its not cold out. Like 25 degrees or less cold or there's a foot of snow on the ground. Then I'm at a loss. Not quite as much as I'm at a loss to why anyone would buy crocs, but still confused. Winter like boots look chic when in their native environments, you wouldn't wear flip flops in the snow, so leave the boots at home on the sunny day.I see you've stated no animal comments, but given you asked if killing animals was really worth it in the initial question...probably should have seen that coming...

    • Actually, at my school in Anchorage, Alaska, we ran around in flip-flops year round. Only the 'fashionable' crowd cared to wear uggs.

    • No problem :)Winter chic is one look I rock 4-5months of the year. Red plaid, short, fuzzy boots for this girl.

    • Yes, you're right. :] I should have left that out, didn't actually want the answer to that.And yes, haha, I never got as to why people liked Crocs either. Maybe I'm just a shoe critic.. hah, don't know. The weather thing boogles my mind, oh, well, it's people's decision not mine..But thank you for answering the question. :]

  • when they first came out and got popular I thought they were ugly and wasn't interested in them, I even went to an ugg store at an outlet mall because my friend was getting them and I still wasn't interested I just looked around bored...but! since last winter, the weather in new york has been so bad, so much snow and slush and grossness I needed something warm for my feet, so I actually went to old navy and saw imitation uggs tried them on and absolutely fell in love. it felt like I was walking on clouds of marshmellows. I didn't care about the hype or style or how they looked, I just needed something to do the job. that is the sole reason I wear them in winter.

    • np, someone disagrees though lol I find that funny because its just my personal preference and experience oh well haha

    • Thank you. :]You answered my question perfectly. <3It's really appreciated. :]

  • Ugh, my dad bought me a pair of emu's as soon as I got to DC. Since we're from Miami he was convinced that would be the warmest thing ever. Since I was too poor to buy anything else, I had to run around in those huge, ugly, god forsaken shoes. UGH. I hate them. I think uggs, or anything that looks like uggs are just ugly. They make people look lazy lol

  • um, wow smarts. this question is aswered by opinions. I think they're cute, js.

    • Yes, it is an opinion question.I'm asking why people like them, as in, why are they cute?Obviously people should think they're cute if they're going to wear them. But WHY are they cute is my question. Do you like the rounded foot look? Do you think their height's cute? Just don't say because it's furry, no one sees the fur but your foot.

  • I hear that UGGs are warm and comfy and for that reason I can sort of see why people wear them, but there are probably other shoes out there that are just as warm and comfy that people can wear that don't look like giant piles of dung.I don't see any reason to freak out trying to buy a pair, they look unflattering and stupid. With the multitude of women these days worrying about their weight, why would you want to wear shoes that make your feet look swollen?

    • Yea, I heard that they're comfy too but honestly, they weren't to me. And I certainly don't find them flattering.I completely agree with you.Thanks for answering.

  • The cuter the animal, the better it tastes - fact. But ya you're right, UGGs are f***ing pug fugly.

  • I love the boots but I get the cheap knockoff since it's ridiculous paying that price for fluffy boots. Living in a freezing cold state where there's always snow and cold, it's essential to have these boots. They're also mad comfortable to wear and easy to throw on so I'll never give them up! I'm 25 and could care less if other girls wear them, they're just aweome. But I do think younger girls in high school wear them just because it's cool. If your so worried about the animals, rest assured that I'm sure within a little while the trend will end.

    • I don't know if it's different for whatever brand you buy, but the uggs that girls at my school wear have soles that are as useful as slipper soles, are not waterproof, and are completely useless for tromping through snow. Not that they ever have to, because they all have an suv to drive to school. I live in a cold state with terrible winters too, and uggs would be my last choice of footwear.

  • I think Uggs are cute. Especially with leggings. And its just sheepskin for God's sake. It's not like it's Snow Leopard fur or something.But yeah I wouldn't buy Uggs brand though. They're WAY overpriced of course. Probly just buy a knock-off.And also, "fashionable" is relative my dear. :P

    • Yes, I believe that I already stated that everyone has their own style. :PI agree that they are expensive. I have a pair and still have yet to sell them since I found out how they were made.And as for your first point, I think it's just a matter of the person, some people may not care that it's just sheepskin but others do. Thanks for actually answering my question though. :] It's really appreciated.

  • I have never worn or owned a pair. I don't plan on it either :)

  • never had any uggs. I think they're cute, but not my style personally.

    • Alrighty. Thanks for answering. :]

  • I wear them because they keep my feet warm, plain and simple.

    • No problem : )!

    • That's reasonable. :]Thanks for your input. :]

  • Are you a vegetarian?Because it's quite hypocritical to think one thing justifies killing animals over another...And what works for you doesn't work for everybody elseBecause they can afford them,they are comfortable and last a long time?

    • Hah, well, aslong as she's content, that's good. :]

    • No problem.And I've actually never owned copies?haha,so idk.My friend has Bearpaws and she's content with them so eh

    • Fayfay, yes, I know. :] A lot of them use real suede unfortunately though. :/ I admit, somewhere out there, there probably is an alternative. :]I just want to know why people think they are cute though. :P

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