Why do people like UGGs and other shoes like them (e.g. EMU, Bearpaw)?

I don't understand. Not only are they cruel, but they aren't flattering either... they just make your feet look round and big. There's nothing truly fashionable about them.

I understand everyone has their own different taste but really... is it just because a lot of other people wear them?

I get that they're warm but is it really worth killing animals over that?

Please actually answer my question.

Please no comments about animals.
Please do read my comments.


So, no, it's not hypocritical.


Thank you to those few people who actually did answer my question.

I'm not judging anyone who does wear UGGs.
I just want to know why you wear them, why you think they're cute?

What features about them are cute..

That's all.. gosh, no need to get defensive.
Stop answering question, please.


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  • I have an UGG type shoe, but they DEFIANTLY are not UGGs I wouldn't buy real UGGs because they of course use fur and plus they're like expensive and people make such a big deal about having them, every girl at my school has them (well the rich ones at least) those damn shoes were sold out in my state! People are actually paying so much to be trendy, I find it crazy.

    However I do have shoes that are similar to UGGs, they look exactly like the real thing, they just don't have those three letters sewn into them which makes them so damn expensive.

    Honestly to answer your question, I really don't think they're really that cute...they just keep my feet warm, if it wasn't cold I'd still be wearing flip flops.

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  • I'm kind of having trouble understanding the question. Are you asking why girls like uggs? I asked that question. Some of the answers were pretty interesting.

    • Yes. :] Precisely.

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    • Hah, well, that's quite interesting.

      Hah.. Crocs are on that list. x] Means that UGGs are legit ugly.

    • Funny enough, a lot of responders to that article you linked to were defending Uggs, but no other brand.

  • The truth of the matter is that everyone has different tastes in what they like. We all have different imaginations and we are totally incapable of comprehending what goes on in the imaginations of others. And really, isn't that what your fashion style is supposed to be a result of? Your imagination?

    As far as the "cruel" aspect, I understand that you are Vegan but we do not yet have substitutes for for everything we can get from animals. For instance, most motorcycle safety apparel is made from leather hides from either the cow, goat, or kangaroo. The reason for this is because there is nothing we can synthesize with science that has the protective qualities of these leathers without spending tens of thousands of dollars on just one protective suit. And while we do have polyfill for coats now, I've never felt warmer than in clothes with authentic fleece lining.

    My nutritional goals require me to consume more protein than carbohydrates, which is only possible with a fair amount of meat/dairy in the diet, since anything grown from the ground WILL have more carbs than protein.

    • I feel that I have to protect veganism so don't take any offense to this, I mean it in the most helpful way. :]

      There are actually so many alternative. You won't believe it. Leather is just one of the easy ones. In fact many companies has actually decided to use high quality faux leather (not that awful cheap PU stuff) instead of real leather because it's cheap and coloring it isn't toxic. (To color and preserve leather is extremely toxic. People have actually died from working in such...

    • facilities. No joke. Google it. Plus the fact that they use chemicals to spot the product from rotting, means it won't be biodegradable.)

      And as for food, protein. Please, just please never ever say that to a vegetarian or vegan, we get tired of it.. hah. :] But it's totally understandable that you think that. Vegs can recieve just as much protein as a meat-eater but the great thing about vegans is that they will never have cholesterol! :] As for carbs, excercise does the body good.

    • And if that's not good enough, protein powderrrrrrrrr. :D

      Look up some pro athletes. You'd be surprised to see how many are vegan. :] Hah.

  • I don't give a damn about animals, but I agree, they are ugly.

    • lol. they look like astronaut boots.

    • Haha, SocietysBomb, that's what I though when I first saw them!

  • We have UGG boots everywhere here in australia (They are Australian after all) and they are everywhere

  • well it is a better alternative to throwing away lamb fur since lambs are farmed for the meat.

    • The lambs used in UGGs aren't used for meat.

      So, yea, they're wasting meat.

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  • didn't you already ask this? look, if you like uggs wear them. I personally think they look like oversized slippers, but I wear them anyways:)

    • No, I didn't. This is from 10 days ago. That's why I told people to stop answering but apparently no one read that. >.<

  • I find that style of boot comfortable. However!, I do not buy the actual UGGS, EMU or any other kind that is made from animals. I buy cheap fake ones that are made of man-made materials :) They are like 1/800th of the price and look the same!

  • I hear that UGGs are warm and comfy and for that reason I can sort of see why people wear them, but there are probably other shoes out there that are just as warm and comfy that people can wear that don't look like giant piles of dung.

    I don't see any reason to freak out trying to buy a pair, they look unflattering and stupid. With the multitude of women these days worrying about their weight, why would you want to wear shoes that make your feet look swollen?

    • Yea, I heard that they're comfy too but honestly, they weren't to me. And I certainly don't find them flattering.

      I completely agree with you.

      Thanks for answering.

  • Uggs, to my understanding, were initially a boot made in Australia for surfers to have something to put their wet sandy feet into when they got out of the water. They were designed for that (the wet feet full of sand). Practical for that situation, yes. Uggs started giving them to films as a comfort shoe/boot for the cast (when actors are wearing uncomfortable footwear, they often have a "comfort shoe" on set that the Set Costume Supervisor will trade out for them, between scenes, having the on screen shoes standing by for when they are ready to roll.) Celebrities started wearing them around, with their jeans, doing errands, keeping them after the films, and then it became a fad. Fads don't have to look good or suit everybody. I'm not a fan of Uggs, myself. Perhaps as a slipper at home, but leather seems unnecessary indoors. I hope that helps answer your question.

    • I live right next to Canada, k, thanks.

      It's gets just as cold here.

      Have you ever tried on any other boots because, hun, they are just as warm and they actually protect you from falling.

      And they do use suede, look into how UGGs are made before you add a comment like that.

  • I think they are the ugliest boots ever. I would never buy a pair. I don't care how much other people like them. Which is okay as long as I don't have to wear them. In my opinion, they make you look like big foot. Too ugly. Oh and crocs are just as ugly. But hey that's just my opinion, because, I like girlie things if it not flattering to me, I just don't like.

    • Oh my gosh, me tooo! :]

      Thanks for answering my question. :]

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