Why do people like UGGs and other shoes like them (e.g. EMU, Bearpaw)?

I don't understand. Not only are they cruel, but they aren't flattering either... they just make your feet look round and big. There's nothing truly fashionable about them.

I understand everyone has their own different taste but really... is it just because a lot of other people wear them?

I get that they're warm but is it really worth killing animals over that?

Please actually answer my question.

Please no comments about animals.
Please do read my comments.


So, no, it's not hypocritical.


Thank you to those few people who actually did answer my question.

I'm not judging anyone who does wear UGGs.
I just want to know why you wear them, why you think they're cute?

What features about them are cute..

That's all.. gosh, no need to get defensive.
Stop answering question, please.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I have an UGG type shoe, but they DEFIANTLY are not UGGs I wouldn't buy real UGGs because they of course use fur and plus they're like expensive and people make such a big deal about having them, every girl at my school has them (well the rich ones at least) those damn shoes were sold out in my state! People are actually paying so much to be trendy, I find it crazy.

    However I do have shoes that are similar to UGGs, they look exactly like the real thing, they just don't have those three letters sewn into them which makes them so damn expensive.

    Honestly to answer your question, I really don't think they're really that cute...they just keep my feet warm, if it wasn't cold I'd still be wearing flip flops.

    • your state? so not australia?