Can anyone tell me if its possible to bring up my GPA from this point?

Today I found out my GPA and I was extremely disappointed by it. My average from Freshman and Sophomore year is a 2.6. This year however for my first trimester I got a 3.1 GPA. I have been cracking down, getting A’s and B’s, but I want more drastic of a change. For this trimester I want to get like a 3.8 or something way higher than a 3.1. Does that mean I have to get all A’s?

Is there any possible way I can get my GPA up to a 3.0 from a 2.6 by the end of Junior year? I’ll even push it, is it possible to get a 4.0 by the end of Senior year?


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  • look up colleges specifically that you are applying to. some throw out your freshman year grades like the university of california schools I'm applying to. so if you don't count your freshman year grades you could get a 3.2 by the end of high school if you get 3.5 for the rest of the time.

    and don't get down on yourself about going to a "good" college. Lots of people start at a junior college or state university and can go on to get a masters from an ivy league or something like stanford. with your academic record, lots of schools especially private ones will hesitate to accept you because of sophomore year grades. But this will help you in the long run because it takes a long time to retrain your study habits and get the grades you want. Once you have a bachelor's in something universities only look at your grades from the past 4 years so it's a clean slate for you if you want to go on to a higher degree. just have to pay the piper for now. good luck and it's great that you're trying to turn this around now.

    just two questions, what are you going to major in? and does your school do weighted GPAs on a 5.0 out of 4.0 scale for honors and AP classes? (if you're in any?) that is what makes my GPA really good at my school and can really help you raise yours

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      I'm looking to major in psychology or the arts not sure really which direction I'm definite about though, and as far as the second question you asked I'm not sure. All I know is that I'm in honors history, and yesterday was the first time I was even informed about all of these things. I know it was my responsibility prior but, I was being dumb, I'm regretting not getting any info from guidance sooner.

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      That's interesting that your school has honors history, mine only has regular or AP. but anyway you seem to be on a BA psych sort of track. That's good because often times BS require higher grades like for premed or engineering while a BA relies more on applying concepts you know. and psych is a really common major you can do a lot of different jobs with. I bet can easily find a good program at "(city name) state university." wherever you live...