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Is it ever a good idea to tell a girl that you miss her?

I'll give a little info here, This girl and I went to the same high school but currently go to different colleges. We hung out over Christmas break,... Show More

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  • if you miss her it would be nice if she knew that. it would make her feel special. I moved and a lot of guys said they missed me and my smile and thought that was the cutest thing.

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  • There isn't anything wrong with being honest how you feel. I've told guy friends I miss them. You can miss anyone. Doesn't mean its creepy. As long as she gets back to you on a positive note I think you are ok.

  • Yes, it's definitely alright to tell her that you miss her. Girls need to hear that. Maybe she's busy with school, maybe she's started dating someone. You won't know until she tells you. Wait for her response and see what she says.

    • Yeah, it's difficult because we are conditioned to be tough and emotionless as guys, and that's how I usually am. I just feel different here, but at the same time I don't want to come across as weak.She got back to me, said she was about to text me. She says she's been sick and swamped with school stuff for the past couple weeks, and that she misses me too...I'm assuming that's a good thing.

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  • no buddy. never tell a girl you miss her. if she says it, you still don't say it. you just reply "cool" or "I know" don't be a wuss man.

  • I think it's a better strategy to do your own thing and make them jealous, start dating other women etc. if she still likes you she will notice how desirable you are and she will come to you

    • Um, being a girl myself, I wouldn't find this behavior appealing. Passive-aggressive just isn't attractive.

  • Just don't overdo it. Once every decade is sufficient.

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