What does it mean if a guy stares at you and you look at him back, and he keeps staring?

Does it mean that he finds me attractive or is he looking at me just cause I'm looking at him? Cause I have a tendency to kinda stare if I find the guy attractive, but what if I looked up and he is looking at me? Can I assume that he likes what he sees? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but I don't wanna embarrass myself I have no problem striking up a conversation but I have to be absolutely positively sure that he thinks I'm cute before I do it!


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  • Most of the time when I unintentionally stare, I look away when the person looks back at me and pretend I wasn't looking because it's rude to stare and I don't expect to be with that person. If he suddenly smiles when you make eye contact, then that means he likes you. If he has a neutral expression, no one but him knows. Just walk up to him and talk to him even if you don't know if he thinks you're cute. There's really nothing to lose, but you can gain a friend or a boyfriend, so just walk up and talk.

    • he had a neutral expression. when you look at girls with neutral expressions what are you thinking?

    • Then he has no idea if you think he's cute or not, but he probably doesn't think you're rude because young male standards for rudeness are usually lower than young female standards for rudeness. For example, girls get grossed out when guys burp or fart, but guys don't get grossed out when girls burp or fart.

    • ohh so he was probably waiting on me to give him a sign like smile or something? OK thanks this happens to me a lot lmao but now I know what to do (stop being so self conscious and just smile!)


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  • He is interested in you for some reason - most likely finds you attractive and is observing whether you smile back at him and seem comfortable with him doing so and is analyzing whether you stare into his eyes long or not and what follows after words. Also commonly known as flirting with you.

    • what happens if I don't smile back at him? the guy didn't smile at me and I looked at him without smiling. did I come across as rude? I thought he was cute but I get self conscious in the heat of the moment and just don't smile :/

    • OMG! I do the same thing! The same thing is happening to me! With my guy, whom I know, we just sit there and stare. Sometimes smiling, sometimes not. It sounds like you don't know the guy that is doing this. I don't know what's worse, knowing or not knowing them! I'm oblivious as to what to do!

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  • I believe he might have a crush on you. If you find him staring at you for a long while, he wishes you were his.