Guys, what do you mean when you call a girl sweetheart?

I know it is a term of endearment. But guys what do you mean when you greet a girl "hello sweetheart" or "goodbye sweetheart". And I am talking about peers, who are the same age.


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  • I don't really use that term at all.

    I think it's a little condescending unless you have a very close relationship with the person. Maybe it's not so bad if it's said in a joking way. But if I were a girl, I wouldn't like guys my own age calling me that.

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      It all depends on intentions.. The word is a combo of two words "Sweet" and "Heart". I'm a guy and use it when talking to girls exclusively (not to say I don't think my friends who are guys don't have a good heart.. But guys have other ways of expressing that with each other.. Less affectionate and more plutonic ways, like calling each other Gangsta, or homie lol). When I call a girl sweetheart, it is literally because I want them to know I think they're sweet and have a good heart. I can see what this other dude means, sometimes people use it condescendingly, and also words like "Honey", etc, for example: "I recommend you don't try that again honey" or "Hey sweetheart, get me a beer why dontcha?"... Like I said, it all depends on the intention and meaning the person is implying. But that's also more of a sassy 40-year old mother phrase. Sweetheart is DEFINITELY still used by couples or someone crushing on someone as a sign of affection. I'm debating whether to say it to this girl RIGHT NOW!