Guys, what do you mean when you call a girl sweetheart?

I know it is a term of endearment. But guys what do you mean when you greet a girl "hello sweetheart" or "goodbye sweetheart". And I am talking about peers, who are the same age.


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  • I don't really use that term at all.

    I think it's a little condescending unless you have a very close relationship with the person. Maybe it's not so bad if it's said in a joking way. But if I were a girl, I wouldn't like guys my own age calling me that.

    • It all depends on intentions.. The word is a combo of two words "Sweet" and "Heart". I'm a guy and use it when talking to girls exclusively (not to say I don't think my friends who are guys don't have a good heart.. But guys have other ways of expressing that with each other.. Less affectionate and more plutonic ways, like calling each other Gangsta, or homie lol). When I call a girl sweetheart, it is literally because I want them to know I think they're sweet and have a good heart. I can see what this other dude means, sometimes people use it condescendingly, and also words like "Honey", etc, for example: "I recommend you don't try that again honey" or "Hey sweetheart, get me a beer why dontcha?"... Like I said, it all depends on the intention and meaning the person is implying. But that's also more of a sassy 40-year old mother phrase. Sweetheart is DEFINITELY still used by couples or someone crushing on someone as a sign of affection. I'm debating whether to say it to this girl RIGHT NOW!

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  • I don't use such terms of endearment unless it's someone who is really close to me, which by that I mean I'm dating or sleeping with them.

    Whenever I do use such a term, like sweetheart, I mean to tell her that she holds a special place within my mind or my heart. If I use that one specifically, then you can pretty much bank on me having feelings for her.

  • i call girls I like sweetheart, to me it means a sign of admiration

  • personally I never do it as I find it pretty weird and the girl may think your a creep, but I think that some men use it as a way of trying to be nice to a lady.


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  • Hmm...You know a lot of girls/women call guys and girls hun and sweetie...It's nothing, just their way of talking. The way I see it is some people use words like man and dude...they are just filler words. And that can be the case for those words if people aren't dating.

  • I feel like we show our love toward others we like in the same kind of way we want it shown back to us so if you're open to giving compliments without worrying whether or not you'll receive one back it makes it twice as amazing when you find someone who is just like you.. in the end.. you spoil each other through words.. actions matter for sure but communication is the glue that holds couples together.. Nice sweet guys win in the end..

  • it depends. my one guy friend calls everyone sweetheart, and honey and that's just him. it doesn't mean anything beyond that