Can the fairy tale romance be real life?

Ok so we all know and hear about the typical fair-tale romance, the gazing into each others eyes and the whole world disappearing, the magnetic pull you feel towards each other etc etc. What I want to know is, to those of you who have found 'the one' is this true? Do those words in anyway describe your relationship? Do you have a fairy-tale romance?


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  • I have some proof on that theory. My grandmother and Grandfather hardly knew each other in high school, although they went to the same school, my grandma thought he was a jerk (lol). Well, many years later, after my grandma's first husband who was in World War II, she found him sleeping with one of his mistresses, they divorced. She also had a young son fathered by her first husband. Well, my grandma got a hold of some friends again, she knew from High School, she was telling my grandma, "oh you have to meet this guy, you'll love him..." My grandma and my grandpa whom she thought was jerk, dated for three weeks and shortly married. They had four children, my mom being the youngest. They were married for about 40 years it would have been longer, then my grandma passed away from Ovarian Cancer. Love can happen, it's just when it should happen really takes a toll on us. Believe me, it can happen. My grandpa hasn't remarried ever since her passing. I think there can be many forms of love, but the true kind if meant for you, will stick around and show it's light.

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      I honestly don't believe in the fairy-tale romance coming true in reality, I agree movies are predictable, life isn't really predictable at all, but you might be meant for something like that, and only time will tell if you are, and if it's meant-to-be.