What does it mean if a guy stares at your legs and looks at you?

Well, its complicated there's this guy who is older than me. I think he knows I like him becuase one time my mate starts doing stupid things like pointing at him and me making love expressions and he saw it and grinned. I saw him looking at my legs and I was wearing a skirt and when I looked at him he instantly looked away and changed the subject. Whenever I'm sat some where he always seems to go near me or across the room where he can see him perfectly. There was one time wear I was just waiting in the corridor and he was stood near me and he couldn't get past so he just looked at me and started to check my body out and smiled. But nowadays he's different he's a bit more serious to me and he doesn't smile at me anymore.

Can Men answer this question please.


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  • He might have a thing for legs. Many men do. I do. But like all other visual treats, sooner or later you get bored, and move on to looking at something else.


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  • Sounds like he wanted to knock boots for a while, but experience has taught him that that ain't gonna happen.

  • legs can be sexy especially if a girl has a short skirt on. Like cheerleaders. ohhhh yeah lol.

    He probably thought you were very attractive. Maybe he knows you like him and is intrigued by you.


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  • it doesn't mean anything. people stare, people lose interest. simple