Do British guys like American girls?

ya, I know, this question was asked already sorta but the other way around. I just wanted to know if British or english or whatever guys liked American girls. since it seems like everyone hates Americans an all. and do people from other countries like the way Americans talk?


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  • No, I'm Irish and have spent enough time in England to know that American women are viewed as brainless and mercenary and manipulative, interested only in men's money.and impossible to have an intelligent conversation with.

    Sorry to sound harsh but you'll find that's the general opinion, even more there than here.plenty of us here think the same way about a lot of the women here!

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      O, ya

      that's pretty sad, about how everyone thinks that way about american girls.

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      Well, not EVERYONE, but I think you'll find that's the generalopinion although most people you don't know of course are too polite to say anything like that straight out. But watch how they talk with each other in pubs if you get the chance and I think you will find I am right

      Unfortunately that opinion is well founded, no? THAT's what is sad..