Do shy girls prefer shy guys?

Forgive me for my hideous generalization, but do you think a girl who is sweet, shy, a bit geeky and doesn't have much experience with guys would be more attracted to a guy who is a) nice, gentle, quiet and is more like her or b) more outgoing, more "masculine" and experienced with girls?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, there's two ways of looking at it.

    I prefer shy and geeky guys because I feel like I can relate to them more, and I know that there's often more than what meets the eyes with shy people---you just have to get to know them and they'll open up more to you so you can see how awesome they really are.

    On the other hand, it can be difficult for two shy people to date each other. It means that one or both people have to step out of their comfort zone to show interest, ask the other person out, make conversation, make the first move, etc. (which can be uncomfortable for people to begin with, but even more so for someone with a shy personality). In that sense, it can be easier for a shy girl to go for a more outgoing guy, since there's less pressure on her (since he's probably more likely to initiate things than a shy guy).