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Why do girls think us guys are all about looks? That we guys are the more shallow sex? Are more picky, choosy?

Girls are just as shallow as Guys are, if not more, so why do girls feel that us guys are always about looks only? that ugly girls have it harder... Show More

well? why?
how come?

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  • I wouldn't generalize like that...just like not all men think about looks, not all girls think about status.I guess the same answer you would give me as to why do you think girls are all about status and money...

  • A lot of guys who claim to have "a good personality" aren't really that great in that dept. either. Their interpretation of "I'd make a good boyfriend" is essentially them thinking "I want a hot girl real, real, real bad so I think I'd be better to her than a good looking guy who gets hot girls all the time."

    • easier for you women

  • Guys are more visual than girls. I mean come on you see more couples where the guy is not as attractive and the girl is pretty than the other way around. Ugly girls have it hard though, guys tend to make fun of them. The most shallow girls are those drop dead beautiful girls who have no values. But I have met some not so pretty girls who are shallow bitches, I don't know why that is.

    • u sure?

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    • Actually I am talking to this guy in the military, he's not super handsome he's average but with a great personality and character.

    • whats the difference between character and personality?

  • People are different and everyone has there own tastes.Dumb guys and Dumb girls go for more bitches/jerks peopleGirls and Guys who are smart go from people that are worth being with no matter how they look but by who they are.

  • From my point of view...Girls can like an unattractive guy easier if they are funny and caring. I have yet to see a guy with an unattractive girl because of her personality...I do believe guys can love any type of girl but I just haven't seen it yet :/

    • are you sure? about that?

    • I just haven't seen a good looking guy with an unattractive girl...but I've seen pretty girls with unattractive guys

    • i have

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