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Can you break your butt?

Okay so my boyfriend fell down the stairs today and he keeps saying he "broke his butt and his left "butt cheek is numb" and I keep telling him you... Show More

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  • You can traumatize the muscle and connective tissue. It may not be 'broken' but it's certainly not tip-top.

    Oh and a car has brakes, you don't want to break them.

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  • I'm not scientist or anything, but I think the fatty acids in his 'assz' has seeped out and is obstructing the sound assessment in his cranium. This is very dangerous. Tell him to report to a nearby emergency room IMMEDIATELY.

  • you can break the coxyx (idk how to spell it)

    However, I do not think he has. it would not be numb, it would be likely black and blue in between the cheeks, and it hurts to sit, and walk and do anything pretty much.

    He probably just hurt the muscle.

  • Yes, I'd be laughing too. People falling down stairs, slipping on urine, making asses of themselves on this site, is uncontrollably funny to me.

  • stop laughing grow up and tell him to see a doctor..

  • You can hurt the muscle.I think that's about it...

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