Turning the tables on this girl and get her to become more interested in me?

OK so this girl that I have no clue to whether she likes me or not keeps texting me, but goes dead silent when I ask to hang out. so it sounds like not. is there any way to turn the tables and get her to become more interested in me?

thanks all! keep it up with the awesome comments lol


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  • That's a hard one. Let me know if you find a way that works because it may save my sanity lol. There are a lot of stupid hs things that I do not condone - mainly because they've never worked for me lol - but I'll throw them out there anyway. Not texting her, 'accidentally' texting her and then saying you meant it for someone else, 'accidentally' butt texting her, conveniently showing up where you know she'll be, talking with other girls all up on your facebook wall, photos of you and other girls.. I think you get the idea.


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  • Some girls like to tease themselves with the idea of a certain guy they know being interested in them.. Some girls.. that's all they need. But in reality are scared sh*tless of what might happen should they get together in the same room with you. These girls.. are trouble.. or harmless fantastical acquaintances, however you'd like to see it. Most of the time they find themselves less attractive than you. In other words you're just a daydream that they've just happened to take a large step into using conversation. HEY MAN ITS A GOOD THING... you're basically a drug to her hahaha.

  • don't answer her texts for a while. see how she reacts.