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Do girls like guys who can play guitar?

I play guitar and I'm just wondering, I know my girlfriend enjoys it but is it the same for most girls? and if so what kind of guitar, acoustic or... Show More

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What Girls Said 7

  • I think many girls like men who are musical. It shows a certain side of intelligence. I would say acoustic guitar over electric. But that's just me X)

  • yes. it shows that you are talented and have a variety of interests :)

  • DUH! So hot! Me and my friends chat and imagine about hot guys who can play guitar all the time. (Also surf, play drums, or have blue eyes and/or cute lil' freckles -sometimes-) It depends on the girl, but I'd prefer the soft, yet hot accoustic. sounds romantic! just put it out there that you can play guitar, and any girl will go absolutely nuts.

  • YES! It's so attractive when a guy who knows his way around a guitar. If it's more of a serenade that you're playing for her, an acoustic guitar's best for that.

  • yes, acoustic

  • love it.

What Guys Said 2

  • If your good yes, I play guitar and what I do is ask my girlfriend what song do you like and she gives me the name and the band, and then I figure it out, and then when she comes over to my house, I say hey have you heard this song before, and I play it for her, or I will try and teach her how to play it.

    • well me and my girlfriend have pretty much the exact same taste in music, so I can play pretty much anything I enjoy and she loves it, and yeah I've tried teaching her, but that doesn't go so well :P

  • Damm I've been playing the wrong instrument lol

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