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What does it mean when a guy says, "I would say we are more than friends"

I'm so confused. what does "more than friends" even mean? CONFUSED!

1st off this is not a joke. guys are too confusing. I'm confused because I have never had a guy say this.. usually they say the like me and we are in a long date.. so I' m so confused by him saying this.
* I meant we end up in a long relationship.. so I'm confused.

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  • troll?

    • are you saying he's a troll or I'm a troll or he's trolling me or I'm trolling? wtf

    • i genuine thought this was a troll question, but your really serious?

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  • To be frank, it means just that. You are, perhaps, more than just friends.To be more specific, he probably means he can thinks he might, one day, find himself in bed with you.

  • lololol, is this question a joke?

    • no.. and guys are so confusing!

  • He wants to have a stronger relationship with you.

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