Does He Like Me More Than A Friend?

Last year, this guy and I became really good friends. A couple months back I started having more-than-friend feelings towards him. This year, we have gotten even closer and we always talk. The thing is, he is shy. He is comfortable around his guy friends, and well, me. He doesn't go out of his way... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well I will say this. Your relationship is not 100% platonic. If it were, he would not have said 'maybe' when asked if he would pursue a relationship with you. So, you should ask yourself if you value the friendship more than any potential relationship. And you should also be thinking if you guys did go out, and broke up, what would be the result? Would you be able to still be friends? As for his feelings, he must have some feelings for you more than friendship. I'm slightly in the same situation as you. Messege me if you would like =]