Why are some guys shy?

I know this guys, he really good looking! I've seen him looking at me but he's never talked to me. I like the thought that he may be interested but I doubt it. I'm not exactly miss popular. Just a simple girl... I don't understand why this guy who looks so good is so shy? It's not as if I'm intimidating. Do guys judge girls before they even talk to girls? :s

thankyou guys for the answers. I will stop questioning his shyness... It's better than some big headed jerk :D lol. I'll try talk to him next time it feels right and hopefully he won't look at me with a blank expression again :( lol. x


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  • We judge same way girls do. There are guys who don't and guys who do.

    There are many reasons why guy, even good looking can be shy. He was hurt somehow, abused or had bad experience, but most probably it is not gained but it is just who he is. He may just not be gifted with "social intelligence" so he mess conversations often and therefore developed shyness. Everybody has flaws.

    You cannot be certain if he likes you but you may never know if you do not talk to him. Try approach him (works on shy guys very well).

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      You'll get a "I'm shy as well" reply.