My boyfriend constantly stares at me. what's he thinkin?

me and my boyfriend of 2 months now will just constantly look at me for a long periods time and I see it in the corner of my eye, even while were just at home and watching a movie.and I will look at him back we make eye contact for a few seconds with out saying anything. and then he will look that weird or is it just me? Why does he do that? what is he thinking about?

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  • He thinks you're pretty. That's it. You two make I contact, he realizes he's been staring and that's rude so he looks away. There really isn't much of a deeper motive.

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  • don't ever ask him what he's thinking. worst question ever and the answer is obvious its going to be you.

  • In my opinion it's not weird at all. If you like something a lot then you tend to look at that something a lot. In this case it's you. Maybe he wants to compliment you on how beautiful you are but doesn't want to make things awkward.

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  • he's probably thinking about you! seeing as he is staring at you. next time you catch him doing it and you make eye contact lean in and kiss him!. its normally an amazing feeling. (my boyfriend stares at me all the time and then when I catch him and we kiss its like extra passionate. I love it.)

  • My boyfriend does the same thing. I asked him about it and he said he didn't know why. He just does it. We have been dating for around six months now and he still does it. I wouldn't worry about. Men were created to be visual creatures so they are going to look at you.