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I am so desperate for a boyfriend. How do I get one?

I have never been in a relationship before and at this point it depressing me. I see so many people walking, kissing and holding hands with their... Show More

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  • You gotta learn to take chances."I don't know what guys think when girls show signs of liking them."Either they'll be driven crazy for the chance to be with you (as you're a fun loving, beautiful, caring girl, right? :-) ), or they'll be flattered.But you know what, it doesn't matter what we think. You have to put yourself out there and take a chance of rejection. The first few times it will be extremely painful, and it doesn't get much better. But how much is it worth it to you to be with somebody? From the sounds of it you're just like everybody else- IT'S VERY IMPORTANT!Tips? Just ask a single guy out to dinner. Yes, we can pick up on some of that nervousness that girls often have, but I'd say 99% of men will find that attractive, because it shows that you are digging him so much that you are very afraid of messing it up.Like the Anonymous User that previously posted said, you gotta practice. Just remember that you are worthy of what you want.If you need to know something else, be sure to ask here or through PM. Best of luck to you!

    • I really appriciate the advice! It gave me a lot more confidence.

  • Practice. Practice talking to guys, random guys, do random things, put yourself in uncomfortable positions, etc. You'll only get more comfortable with experience.And if you're so desperate for a relationship, go out with that "gross" guy. Its very disrespectful to say you'd cry a river when you see a couple, but you wouldn't give this one guy who likes you a chance. It says to me you're just a hypocrite.

    • Thanks a lot. Maybe I should consider going out with him. But my problem with him is that he tries to push me way too far and way too soon. He wants to be really touchy with me and he's baisically telling me that he wants to get in my pants. This started happening on the first date. He didn't even take to get to know me before he started talking about his love for masturbating. I give him chances all the time but I'm really shy and sometimes I handle it.

    • Oh, well if he's doing that then forget it. If he won't go at your pace forget it. And talking about masturbating like that is horrible. You clearly gave him a chance that's all that matters. I just didn't want you labeling people without actually giving them a chance, but you did give him a chance so it's cool. I wouldn't bother with this guy.

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