Do guys always look at the legs?

I am a shy girl, haven't ever talked to ANY guys before. Anyways, I had to get my test at the front of the lecture, and this guy was looking at me. I didn't notice at first, but then I felt like someone was staring at me. So I looked, and there was this guy that was with a girl (don't know if it was his girlfriend or what). After I sat back down the girl that he was with looked at me. So she noticed it too, I think. He wasn't looking at my face really, but my legs? I think? Does that make sense? Do guys tend to look at girl legs, instead of their face? Because I saw him again when I was walking down the street and again, it was as though he was looking at my legs. Why would he do that? Am I imaging this? I didn't think my legs looked that amazing. I guess I am fairly tall. He probably does that to every girl though. What is this guy thinking?


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  • here's the more-or-less scientific explanation:

    (in general) when girls go through puberty and therefore become fertile, they go through growth phases in which their legs are much longer in proportion to their torsos. long legs are therefore a fundamental signal of this sexuality & guys are intrinsically wired to be alert to this. this is why models are tall with long legs: they are intrinsically sexy/attractive because they maintain that hyper-sexuality stage of proportions.

    there are similar in-built responses guys have to large breasts, narrow waists, long hair, big eyes, red lips, etc etc etc. it's basic human evolution.

    now - more prosaically:

    every guy is different; there are two broad camps: those who stare at legs, and those who stare at boobs (there are of course, many subgroupings, cross-groupings, and variations). we like faces & figures & so on as well (and of course get turned on by minds and humour and personality as well), but those two are the fundamental eye-catchers.

    my guess in this situation is that you have nice legs, were maybe wearing a short skirt and/or some nice stockings, and maybe were wearing high heels, and that the guy in question is attracted to a nice pair of legs.

    so what is he thinking? he's thinking - "wow I like the look of those legs". he may even be thinking "i wish my girlfriend had legs like those". he's not necessarily thinking "i would love to go out with that girl". sorry if that's a bit of a downer, but guys are very much visually-stimulated & may not be thinking about *you* when he's looking at your nice legs.

    hope that makes sense. (btw - don't get too put out by it - if you've got good legs, flaunt 'em & enjoy the attention ;) )


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  • Probably thinking of running his hands all the way up your long legs.or something like that!

    Most of us guys find that normal although hopefully we're discreet enough that you won't ALWAYS notice us checking you out!

  • o.O How old are you? Of course legs are a turn on for a lot of guys. It's for the same reason some guys look at boobs, or a girl's ass. He probably just has a thing for legs. I know I do. For me legs, and butt are the most sexually attractive things on a girl.

    I don't go around staring at them, so he's probably just young and dumb and doesn't know how to look without staring yet.

    Don't tell me you've never checked someone out before, that's pretty much what he was doing, he was just being stupid and obvious about it.

  • My thought is that he was checking you out, maybe your legs, maybe your butt. If you were wearing jeans or snugg pants the legs or the butt may be the case, or a skirt, most likely the legs. Hope you can find someone to boost your confidence, woman should feel comfortable about themselves and who they are. All woman can be beautiful and sexy in their own way. Just helps if they feel it too, it shines outward more.

  • I was not trying to say that you were dressed inappropriatley. Its hard to figure out what he was looking at and staring at your legs if I know know what he saw. I would like to offer help but its hard when I can't picture the entire scenario. Hoodie is fine, but what does that have to do with looking at your Message me I guess if you want my opinion

    • Lol. That is fine. Maybe he thought I looked nice, I don't know. Probably just checking me out, I don't know. It is kind of difficult to believe, I don't have that great of confidence. I have seen him glance at me from a distance around campus too. Perhaps he just reconized me from class and nothing more. I am probably just reading into it too much.

  • I guess the question is first, what were you wearing? Were they looking from in front, from behind you, where were they? Its hard to tell without a bit more info.

    • Honestly I wasn't wearing anything that special. I was wearing a nice hoodie. Not a huge one, just a nice fitting one. I was not dressed like a slut. I am a very reserved person. Plus, even if I wear a low shirt, I don't have anything to show because nothing is there. lol.

    • Lol. That is fine. Maybe he was just checking me out. I don't know. Maybe I am reading to much into it. I have seen him glance at me from a distance when I was walking around campus. Maybe he just noticed me because I was from his class. Perhaps I am just reading into it too much.

  • he probly is jus trying to send you a message that he likes you but doesn't want to look in ur face and the girl I don't know she probly does think ur legs are amazing lol yea but look I kno guys look at the face and the shape of the body mostly if you have green eyes then ur off the hook as long as ur cute ur good you pass as girlfriend material but it could have also been that you had something on ur leg lol yea couldve been that but if not y not jus ask try not to b rude doh ok

  • I think a lot of guys notice a girls legs, I have to admit I'm one of them. I love the look and feel of a smooth, shaved leg and so when a girl is showing her legs I'll look. For tall women long legs can be a turn on to a guy. I try not to be too obvious about it because I don't want to come across as weird but I will look.

  • I definately look. For me it's always been important. Any potential special woman who I might have in my life has to have gorgeous legs.

  • my criterion goes:






    and I'll take a girl with gorgeous legs over the chick that has huge butt or boobs

  • I look at the legs. Long toned legs is hot as hell.

  • lol leg fetish. rofl

    he maybe looking at ur butt as well. its a thing that guys are drawn to. like an eye catcher.

    u probably have really nice legs.

  • if i would sex with a girl i still want to look at her legs during sex

  • He probably doesn't want to look at your face because he'll probably send a wrong message to you. He could also just be looking at the ground or something.

  • Was he looking directly at your legs? like straight up staring at them?

    my explanation: he has a leg fetish

  • Legs are insanely hot. If I could I'd touch them all day ;__;


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  • I hope so! They turn ME on too! My own legs I feel give off a beautiful sensual curiosity about them.

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  • The guy I like (who I'm pretty sure has friend-zoned me) has glimpsed at my legs like this. Once he sees that I see him doing this he quickly looks away, but I have no idea if it's in disgust because I don't have the best legs, or if he's actually checking me out. It's so obvious that it's happening though.