Do guys always look at the legs?

I am a shy girl, haven't ever talked to ANY guys before. Anyways, I had to get my test at the front of the lecture, and this guy was looking at me. I didn't notice at first, but then I felt like someone was staring at me. So I looked, and there was this guy that was with a girl (don't know if it was his girlfriend or what). After I sat back down the girl that he was with looked at me. So she noticed it too, I think. He wasn't looking at my face really, but my legs? I think? Does that make sense? Do guys tend to look at girl legs, instead of their face? Because I saw him again when I was walking down the street and again, it was as though he was looking at my legs. Why would he do that? Am I imaging this? I didn't think my legs looked that amazing. I guess I am fairly tall. He probably does that to every girl though. What is this guy thinking?


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  • here's the more-or-less scientific explanation:

    (in general) when girls go through puberty and therefore become fertile, they go through growth phases in which their legs are much longer in proportion to their torsos. long legs are therefore a fundamental signal of this sexuality & guys are intrinsically wired to be alert to this. this is why models are tall with long legs: they are intrinsically sexy/attractive because they maintain that hyper-sexuality stage of proportions.

    there are similar in-built responses guys have to large breasts, narrow waists, long hair, big eyes, red lips, etc etc etc. it's basic human evolution.

    now - more prosaically:

    every guy is different; there are two broad camps: those who stare at legs, and those who stare at boobs (there are of course, many subgroupings, cross-groupings, and variations). we like faces & figures & so on as well (and of course get turned on by minds and humour and personality as well), but those two are the fundamental eye-catchers.

    my guess in this situation is that you have nice legs, were maybe wearing a short skirt and/or some nice stockings, and maybe were wearing high heels, and that the guy in question is attracted to a nice pair of legs.

    so what is he thinking? he's thinking - "wow I like the look of those legs". he may even be thinking "i wish my girlfriend had legs like those". he's not necessarily thinking "i would love to go out with that girl". sorry if that's a bit of a downer, but guys are very much visually-stimulated & may not be thinking about *you* when he's looking at your nice legs.

    hope that makes sense. (btw - don't get too put out by it - if you've got good legs, flaunt 'em & enjoy the attention ;) )