How do you know if a girl really loves you?

My girlfriend has had some bad relationships in the past and she is reluctant to open her heart out to anybody because she is afraid of getting hurt. She says herself that she has a wall up and it will take some time before she tears that wall down and I am ok with that. I just want to know how I can tell if she really truly loves me.


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  • it depends on the type of girl and how she expresses herself.

    usually when she truly loves you, you will see it.

    the best thing for you to do is just be there for her constantly and letting her know your there for her. tell her you love her everyday.

    sometimes the girls just wait for the guy to open up first.

    tell her you love her everynight


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  • Your girlfriend condition is similar like me .Me too has bad memory of my past relationship. Now I have been single a quite long time, though threre are some guys out there that have been interested at me,they are nice people but it just that my true feeling had lost.It hard for me to express my true feeling again, so for me if I am in relationship, for this time that not right for me yet, I think I my self will be act not really serious for the relationship, maybe I could hurt the guy that with me at the time.Yup,maybe I my self afraid to get hurt too.

    Girls condition like your girlfriend and me, need a time to break the wall.Give her time, do not push her with question "do you love me?" because she's not clear about that right now.Just be steady in your relationship with her,whole her when she's in emotional.Say that you there with her, say she's beautiful and you love her. You'll now she love you when she start concern about you, she appreciate you, she need you and you'll know by looking her eyes, you can feel it.Try your best to win her heart.Good luck!

    • That was unnecessarily rude.

      This is good advice and it's usually true :]

  • Peoples past seem to play a bigger part in their future then most of us want. If she has had a real bad past it could be years before her "walls" are taken down enough.

    It is very nice that you are that understanding of her. And being supportive like that Love isn't something you get in a day, It takes time to get full true love from anyone. Her actions with you around will tell you if she loves you or just "likes" you as a good friend.

    Don't give her reason to keep the "walls" up or reason to not trust/love you and it should all work out. Good luck!

  • I guess when a girl is in love its obvious but you said she's afraid to be hurt then she'll try to cover her feelings. so either ask her or look for small details, and try to analyze them.


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  • Why don't you ask november gurl?