What do guys find attractive in high school girls?

I am pretty 5 foot 8 weigh 130 and have nice boobs and butt but no guys ask me out I have brown hair and hazel eyes and dress nicely and wear makeup... how can I be more attractive to high school guys? I'm 16 and also very smart


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  • Nicolette has it right.

    Get out of the house and go where the guys are; it doesn't really matter where that is. Go with some friends, but make sure there are guys around. Spend time with them. Get involved with whatever activities they are doing. Talk. Laugh. Have a good time, and pretend like you don't care if you're single or not, because you're going to enjoy yourself either way. Don't get offended by "guy behavior". Guys are often crude, especially at your age, but don't take offense. And don't be afraid to ask them questions, like you might on here.

    Do that for a month or two, probably not even that long, and you'll be back on here asking how you can get the guys to quit asking you out, and what App you can download to keep track of your suitors.

    In other words, if you're outgoing and fun, guys are going to want you around, and many of them are going to want you for themselves, and will RUN to ask you out. Know what I mean?


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  • This girl at my high school freshman year barely had any bobs but now she is a junior and her boobs are pretty big. She is not fat. She is average. Do u think she got breast implants?

  • The guys are intimidated with your beauty, what you should do is actually talk to them and filter them out for a one you think is a good guy (a real man) not a bad boy (bad boys are attractive to girls but tend to abusive behavior ) on the other hand a real man, has his life in order, on your age (a clever guy that gets his school work done) and he doesn't need the other guys to think he is cool or somebody, (he has a good self image and self esteem)

    just remember I have seen that girls can go into a drama state saying she will never get a guy or lover, but when a guy (he is good and not a weirdo) approach her she shoots him down real fast and bad, that's just lame and stupid

  • Just be yourself, guys will find you soon enough. Maybe there scared of you being to smart or brainy.


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  • Charisma. Open mind. Outgoing. Fun. Confident. They don't really care if you're smart or not when they're in high school.

    • personality and attractiveness for me. I have the weird ability to look at a girl once and know if she and I can work. does any body else have the same 'gut' feeling?