Guy gets annoyed by it?

Why do some girls get really clingy with their boyfriends or with a guy who they like, even though the guy gets annoyed by it?


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  • I concur with the ladies who have said that this results from insecurity.

    However, I am taking a different stance on how to deal with it. If you're dating a girl and she is feeling insecure, I think it's time to be a real man and make her feel secure. The more I read the questions posted here, the more I understand the unbelievably complicated mess women have to wade through to find a decent guy. Why they bother, I don't know.

    But it's easy to see why they would feel worried - and as the boyfriend of a worried girl, I think it's time to accept that you have to accept your girlfriend's emotions. Is it annoying? Yes, it can be. But I get annoyed when my favorite sports team loses - in truth, that's more annoying than a girl who calls too much. Think I've given up sports for that reason?

    It's an emotion, a feeling. And it doesn't seem right to me to tell her she annoys you. I think you should take it as a challenge - can you make her comfortable? Can you make her life better for having met you?


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  • Because they have insecurity issues with themselves or they do not know they are doing it and are just really happy to be with their guy. If they have insecurity issues they are also really jealous and possesive and it shows... those are the girls that need their own help and if should probably be avoided if possible. If a girl does not know when she is being that way she is just really excited all the time to be around her guy and anxious to hang out with him all the time.. you just have to talk to the girl and let her know in a NICE way how you feel do not be mean or rude just be open minded and listen to her reasoning girls get like this sometimes and can't help it and believe it or not some guys DO like clingy girls cause they are just as CLINGY! good luck!

  • I would think insecurity. If she thinks he's annoyed with her, but doesn't quite pick up on why, she might try the suction-cup method of trying to keep him. The greater the insecurity, the tighter the clingyness.

    Also, she could just be like that. Those people exist, although they don't make sense to me, either.

  • They can't control themselves. When someone is clingy it shows a lack of maturity. Examples... little kids don't like sharing their favorite toy, so they through a fit when it's taken away... or, when they don't know how to give their pet cat space they smother it. I think it's really stupid if a girl is still clingy after it's obvious that the poor guy is annoyed by it. I think the best thing is to be blunt and explain how you need your space and they should respect it.

  • Partly it's because she adores him and wants to be really close to him all the time, and partly because she's insecure and feels she needs to hold onto him to keep him close by. The problem with this is the more clingy she gets the more her man is going to pull away which is going to freak her out even more and make her even more clingy and desperate.

    The best way to deal with it is to tell her that you care about her but that it is irritating you and you want her to hold off a bit and maybe be a little more intimate and cuddly when you two are alone, this will help boost her confidence and relax her a bit so that she doesn't feel like she ALWAYS has to be hanging on to you. Sometimes it helps to show her how you feel, try being a little too intimate or always holding on to her, she might realize you're not going anywhere and back off a bit.

  • It's either one of two things. One would be that she and the guy have just gotten together and she wants to be with him all the time.

    Or she's insecure. If it's that she's probably trying to make sure the guy isn't going to stray and that whenever he thinks about anything it's going to be her and only her on his mind.

  • Yeh, I agree, it's an insecurity factor. Guys are the tough ones, when you've got a boyfriend you've got your protector, you feel invincible and like you're worth something when you're with him.

    And when she leaves, well, she's left to find her own confidence. And they are clingy to guys they like but don't yet have a relationship with yet because they are either flirting and trying hard to get him to notice her.

  • Maybe at your age bracket it is, like other members have mentioned, insecurities - however it could just be that women tend to be more romantic then men, they watch movies like 'Pride and Prej' and expect their romance to be the same, for a man to breath and live her everyday. For him to do all that's necessary to show he's love for her...and when that doesn't happen - she just sees it like something she has to encourage or give hints to. She does this by acting towards him the way she would like to be treated herself.

  • Because they are probably jealous, have had a bad relationship with their father, parents are divorced, they are crazy, or they just really like you a lot!

  • because they are emotionally insecure, and scared of losing the guy. They have also probably wrapped their whole lives around that guy, and think that if they let them have their space that they will lose that guy.

  • They are scared to lose you. They just want to make sure that you really care and that you really do like them.


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  • Clingy is good, actually. At least I like it...