Do women like deep voices? do women like it?

what do you think about guys with deep voices? I've been told I sound like barry white


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  • yes, so sexy

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  • Chicks DIG that stuff! Well I do anyway...

    There's this really cute guy and I don't think I'd like him too much if it weren't for his deep, velvety voice.

    I also loved it when an ex used his deep voice in the bedroom. Soo sexy. :D

  • Almost all guys I know have deep voices, and to be honest I don't really notice things like that :) I suppose any voice is fine for me,

  • Do girls like Josh Turner? I should say so. Especially if you have a southern accent! That makes it so much better! (:

  • So sexy, it actually turns me on. Especially when you are telling a girl what you are going to do to her in your deep voice...

  • Yeah, I love deep voices :3 But it's not a big deal if a guy doesn't have a deep voice, it wouldn't make me like him less or anything.

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  • I don't think voice matters very much, to be honest. I have a higher (but still masculine) voice and women love it.

  • I got a deep voice. I called my wife at work a few years ago and another lady answered. I heard the lady tell my wife that there was a sexy voiced man asking for her. My wife answered the phone all excited until she realized that it was me. LOL

  • They love deep voices.

  • They like it, but it really doesn't make much of a difference. I've got quite a deep voice (like, a little deeper than Morgan Freeman), and I've never really had a comment on it (from non-family females, anyway).