Why do guys think I'm slutty?

I have only kissed one guy, and have only met 2 guys in the last 5 years that I'm attracted to. I am a 23 year old virgin, and have not had a sexual thought about a man in 4 years but I've met so many guys who think that I'm slutty and easy to get. I know this one guy who tried to get me to sleep with him 2 days after meeting me and he was a pastor at church. I met a fortune teller who told me that once I lose my virginity I will sleep with every guy I see (he is my best friend's close friend, I see him twice a week) I talk about problems that I have with my parents who are both emotionally abusive so I thought they might think that I am slutty because I am open and honest with strangers?


Most Helpful Girl

  • First, get rid of the fortune teller. You don't need anyone tellin you that you will be a whore LOL. Guys often say that about virgins to convince them that they, well, will be whores. If you listen to enough people say it it could happen because you keep listening to idiots.

    Second, stop listening to idiots. These guys want to sleep with you whether you are a virgin or a slut. It really doesn't matter much because you're a girl, you have what they want. The pastor at your church, sounds like a creep and you should report him for his unclean ways or find another church.

    Third, stop telling strangers your business especially about your family, virginity, and any other thing that is not their business.

    I don't know what you tell people, I don't know how you dress and I don't know if you have sexual activity with anyone. But I do know if you act slutty and behave that way, then people see you as slutty. Maybe a change is in order.