Why do guys think I'm slutty?

I have only kissed one guy, and have only met 2 guys in the last 5 years that I'm attracted to. I am a 23 year old virgin, and have not had a sexual thought about a man in 4 years but I've met so many guys who think that I'm slutty and easy to get. I know this one guy who tried to get me to sleep with him 2 days after meeting me and he was a pastor at church. I met a fortune teller who told me that once I lose my virginity I will sleep with every guy I see (he is my best friend's close friend, I see him twice a week) I talk about problems that I have with my parents who are both emotionally abusive so I thought they might think that I am slutty because I am open and honest with strangers?


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  • First, get rid of the fortune teller. You don't need anyone tellin you that you will be a whore LOL. Guys often say that about virgins to convince them that they, well, will be whores. If you listen to enough people say it it could happen because you keep listening to idiots.

    Second, stop listening to idiots. These guys want to sleep with you whether you are a virgin or a slut. It really doesn't matter much because you're a girl, you have what they want. The pastor at your church, sounds like a creep and you should report him for his unclean ways or find another church.

    Third, stop telling strangers your business especially about your family, virginity, and any other thing that is not their business.

    I don't know what you tell people, I don't know how you dress and I don't know if you have sexual activity with anyone. But I do know if you act slutty and behave that way, then people see you as slutty. Maybe a change is in order.


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  • I remember one woman I worked with who also had that reputation. When I got aggressive with her,she explained she'd only had one serious relationshiip and wasn't interested in anyone currently, just had other interests in school and life for the moment. I was really surprised.

    It was the way she dressed, probably. Flirty clothes, tight pants, hip hugging slacks. She shouldn't have been surprised since most people judge you by your clothes when they don't have anything else to go on!

  • Your acting like guys would treat you any different if they thought you were a virgin. If guy knew you were a virgin and thought you were a girl they like they would be all over you (if they had the confidence) because they would see you as a challenge. So guys don't try any less hard with girls they think arnt slutty. Personaly I would try harder to get with a girl who I thought wasn't a slutty because then its just you and her . If she was around the whole town then I would stay away from her. Thinking guys are trying harder with you because you are slutty is like thinking people drive cars cause they have floor matts. Guys are going after you because they think your worth getting with. The sex part is just our horny nature. But it doesn't mean we don't feel romanticly. We just have trouble expressing it. Say something cute or sweet and you will see the guys face light up. Then you will find out how romantic guys realy are.

  • You need to find a new church, stop seeing the fortune teller, frigg what people think and be you. They probley don't think your slutty, just that you may be a "good catch" and guys that you are around would like to "get with you". Be yourself, BE PICKEY and wait for that guy your attracted to. Don't stop being you, just start ignoring what people around you feel about you.

    • Lol first sentences cracked me up. I totally agree though.

  • Well first of all, I hope you don't believe everything people tell you. Fortune tellers are crackpots.

    Second, could be anything. the way you dress or present yourself, if you do a lot of flirting, etc. There's a double standard for women when it comes to sex and reputation and women have the short end of the stick (no pun intended). Most people I know, including women, just simply want to have sex. I know I do, it's part of being a human being. Why are you so opposed to sex anyway? My guess is religion. but I'm just curious.

    • Im opposed to sex kinda unless its pure horniness then I don't know what you call that...but I think you shoudl be married because that's really only when you will have the best chance of fullness and the right kind of love

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    • Really? Dominant and controlling are good qualities? What is the world coming to...?

    • You'd be surprised. I know lots of woman who like men that are dominant and in control. That's the very essence of sex. The man controls the woman during intercourse.

  • well what the fortune teller was probably

    trying to tell you is that once you have

    sex, your gonna want more.

    do you dress slutty? do you talk sluttish?


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  • People are always gonna judge others.

    They judge based on how we look, talk, dress, act, etc.

    There are a lot of reasons why they might think you're slutty.

    It could be the way you dress, look, or act around men.

    But whatever it is, you know who YOU really are, and that's all that matters.

    You don't have to change the way you do things, or dress, to prove anything to them. Just be you.

    And if they are worth anything, then they will eventually see the real YOU and realize they were wrong. People who say those things about you aren't worth your time anyway.

    If it really bothers you, then change the way you dress, and the way you interact with men. Dress alil more conservative, and don't be too friendly. But then again, who cares? Really :)

  • Being open and honest with strangers shouldn't come across as slutty.IF that were to be taken in a negative way, most likely it would be taken as wanting attention as most people don't share personal problems with people they don't know. But a fortune teller? Seriously? I'm sorry I have to have a little laugh at that. But it's your waste of money I guess. Why not just forget what people think. You know who you are and you know what's right and wrong about you.

  • Maybe its the way you dress compared to other girls?

    Or your confidence level?

    I used to have this problem because my friends are mostly guys, and everyone assumed I must be sleeping with them all, which is so unreal.This has only calmed down because I have a boyfriend.

    The best thing you can do is prove to everyone your not slutty. I don't mean never get into a serious relationship or not have sex until your 30. I just mean ignore it, show guys who think your easy that your clearly not and this idea of you been slutty should ease off.

  • I think guys try that on all girls they would like to sleep with. They must be very attracted to you. I don't know if they assume you're a slut, but more like WISH you were and are trying to persuade you to be with them like that. Maybe they see your vulnerability and think they can prey on that.

  • i understand where your coming from..

    when I was a virgin everyone thought I was slutty (maybe cause I flirted a little?) but now that I lost my virginity no one sees me as slutty.

    it could be possibly about how many guys you talk to?

    i used to talk to a lot of guys or it may be about flirting.

    it also may be there jealous of you.

    in the end though, you know your not.

    so don't let anyone convince you that you are.

    and congrats on waiting!

    i know 99% of people dont.

  • maybe it's the way you dress? well then if you aren't a slut, dont' worry about what others say.