I "did everything perfect" so why did he leave?

My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday. We had been going out for a year and a half and other than us both being busy with work things seemed to be going great.

When he broke up with me yesterday he was in tears. He told me that I was beautiful and wonderful and that I never did anything wrong but that he couldn't be the boyfriend that I deserved because he didn't know who he was and he didn't see relationships as a priority in his life. He said he loved me but in the way that he loves his closest friends but that he is attracted to me...isn't that what you want in a girlfriend? Someone who is always there for you, that you love to hang out with and that you think is beautiful?

I don't know what to do at this point. I am meeting him in a half hour to give him back his stuff and I don't know how to act...


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  • i think he feels that he can't give you 100%. and you deserve nothing less then 100% from your boyfriend. so since he's not able to put in that 100% he feels like he doesn't deserve you.

    what you can try doing is continue talking to him and get him to understand that even though he is busy and his life is changing rapidly, you will be right there with him.

    he may think for example that since you guys are busy, you might lose interest and start cheating or something. don't jump to conclusions however. just talk to him. good luck :)


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  • you might be too good for him or for whatever reason he has now learn to respect it for the breakup, try to chech on him from time to time just to see how he is going..show him your not just an EX but your also good friend..just be supportive and be there when he needs you..since the break up is not a bad one I guess there is still a chance for both of you..try also showing him what he lost in that sense he will value what he lost and when he makes up his mind he will comeback =)

  • I think he was feeling overwhelmed (or confused?) at the moment. Is he in school as well as working? Maybe your relationship was another responsibility he couldn't handle. Sometimes we guys want space or freedom to do what we want. You don't need to act a certain a way don't worry about that just do what you wanna do... say what you want to say. Don't over-think it.


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  • That's the thing, YOU did everything right. You were the perfect girlfriend, but he feels like he can't be the perfect boyfriend that you deserve. Apparently he feels like his goals in life have changed and he needs to get to know himself. He said he ''doesn't see relationships as a priority in his life'', so he doesn't want to hurt you. He loves you but he knows that he cannot be in a relationship anymore because his feelings have changed. What he wants out of life has changed. I'm really sorry =(