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Does it mean anything if a guy texts you everyday?

Does it mean anything if:-a guy texts you everyday? (he starts it)-a guy texts you when he's with his friends (I said I would just talk to him later but he insisted we kept talking)-if a guy texts you while paying PS3/xbox (mainly COD)?

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  • Means he's interested or REALLY loves talking you you. One usually leads to the other.

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  • Uhhh... What do you think? You're trying to get people to agree with you.

  • what kinda things do you talk about?

    • Everything really. We talk about school, sports, games, random topics, what we're doing, etc. Never anything like...sexual

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    • Yeah if it continues on I might. My one friend (also a friend of his) has asked him probably 5 times now and he keeps saying no, but idk...

    • yea I think the best way to find out is to ask him yourself

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