Should I tell him that I'm falling for him? How should I do it?

Hi, (had already posted in wrong category, sorry) the thing is we are really close, and lately I started to have feelings for him. The problem is... Show More

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  • Show, don't tell. If you tell him, there's a chance that he might freeze up and pull back. But let him know that you appreciate him, and that he's important to you. He'll get the hint.

    • The thing is, I have shown him, you know, flirting and all that... I'm shy, so I'm not too obvious, but he knows me, so he must have got it. And I think he has answered back in a good way, a friend today told me we were like "really into it"... but then, he'll keep saying that he is alone and will remain alone for a while (he said that for other girl whose friends think he might like, but he says he doesn't)... So now, I think I'll wait for the best moment... Thank's all of you for your answers.

    • You were so right... things started to happen so fast!!!

    • Good for you. Good luck.