Should I tell him that I'm falling for him? How should I do it?

Hi, (had already posted in wrong category, sorry) the thing is we are really close, and lately I started to have feelings for him. The problem is that he is always sending mixed signals: he says he is gonna marry me in 5 years, but then, he won't attempt to have something with me now. He's fooling around all the time, hitting me softly with his scarf or pressing his fingers against my face (he doesn't do this to other girls). He would tell me he is a coward so he feels too scared to tell a girl what he feels, and is always pushing me to say something when the conversation turns to the relationships topic. But then, he won't. Say anything, He always say there's no girl like me, he would stay awake for hours just talking to me while I'm working. A few weeks ago he ask me to go out, with none of our friends, just invited me, we were alone all afternoon, but then nothing.

Should I tell him I'm falling for him? We've been like this for so long, and none has had a relationship during this time. Today I told him something like "What am I going to do when you no longer can take care of me?" and then he answered something like "hopefully that won't happen. Let's try not to let that happen".

So, what do you think? Is he scared as I am? Or is it that he just wants to be my friend? (oh, and he's not gay). I mean, do you guys tell girls "I'll marry you in five years" or "I can compare the rest of the world to someone, but you're unique" and then you just want a nice friendship with them?


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  • Show, don't tell. If you tell him, there's a chance that he might freeze up and pull back. But let him know that you appreciate him, and that he's important to you. He'll get the hint.

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      The thing is, I have shown him, you know, flirting and all that... I'm shy, so I'm not too obvious, but he knows me, so he must have got it. And I think he has answered back in a good way, a friend today told me we were like "really into it"... but then, he'll keep saying that he is alone and will remain alone for a while (he said that for other girl whose friends think he might like, but he says he doesn't)... So now, I think I'll wait for the best moment... Thank's all of you for your answers.

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      You were so right... things started to happen so fast!!!

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      Good for you. Good luck.