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Should I tell him that I'm falling for him? How should I do it?

Hi, (had already posted in wrong category, sorry) the thing is we are really close, and lately I started to have feelings for him. The problem is... Show More

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  • Show, don't tell. If you tell him, there's a chance that he might freeze up and pull back. But let him know that you appreciate him, and that he's important to you. He'll get the hint.

    • The thing is, I have shown him, you know, flirting and all that... I'm shy, so I'm not too obvious, but he knows me, so he must have got it. And I think he has answered back in a good way, a friend today told me we were like "really into it"... but then, he'll keep saying that he is alone and will remain alone for a while (he said that for other girl whose friends think he might like, but he says he doesn't)... So now, I think I'll wait for the best moment... Thank's all of you for your answers.

    • You were so right... things started to happen so fast!!!

    • Good for you. Good luck.

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  • Ok this dude likes you he is just afraid of commitment. Guys love it when you show your feelings. And yes if you did he would be honored by you telling him. If you just say I think I'm falling for you that would be a total turn on. It gives butterflies in our stomch. isn't that cool. It makes us feel great. You can make a guy feel great. And make him feel great about you by flirting and telling him you like him. :) now you know how men think.

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  • Just like blue-kev said the guy is afriad of commitment just tell him that your falling for him

  • id be myself.i have a strong personality so this applys to me.might not to you if you're shy.

    if I love this person,id defenitely say.i love you too and smile.he'd take it as a joke and might joke back.he probably would say,i didn't say I love you yet,then id tell him then now say it then,we can't get married in 5 years if we don't start a relationship now.(he might laugh).and it might feel awkward to you but for me?if he laugh?id laugh harder.

    dont do this if you're too scared of rejection,cuz he might be a fooling ass or something and might say "no way" for joke and might hurt your feeling hehhee,im very good in handling peoples xtreme behaviour towards me.

    dont be too serious just stable.

    i think he is shy too himself,so maybe he's actually waitng for you to do the first move.

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