Why do guys lose interest in me?

Im not ugly and I'm not fat, guys in fact often take an interest in me and ask for my number but for some reason after making me think they like me they dissapear. so what is wrong with me? I'm not clingy, a slut or boring either so I know its not that. that's why I'm so confused and think they'res something wrong with me.

guys why do you do this? and why do you usually lose interest in a girl after seeming interested


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  • Not knowing you, I couldn't even come up with an opinion that would do any good.

    However, it could be something to do with them.

    Me, I'm pretty shy. This may come across as a lack of interest (though I don't think so). I try to make sure I'm not seen as pestering anyone, so I tend to move slow to figure women out.

    There's a girl that I have "dated," we haven't talked in weeks (I say "dated" because we haven't officially discussed what we're doing, and I have a loose definition of what a "date" is). When we have talked, it's been weeks between the times we DO talk. To be honest, there are other women I feel a closer connection to, "romantically speaking"; this is why I don't try to invite this woman out more. She seems like a very cool woman. I do like hanging with her. But it seems like she lacks an interest in spending time with others. Acting excited to get to know them.

    At first, a friend told me she was interested, so I pursued it. I didn't pester, but I did show interest that was fairly genuine at the time; and it just fizzled before she gave me a chance.

    I'm not saying that you do this. I'm just giving you a reason as to why I don't continue to pursue when I know a woman is single and I feel an initial attraction.

    There are so many variables in the common ways we date, which is part of the frustration so many people have. I wish you luck, as that's what it often seems to boil down to.

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      How can we find a balance between seeming interested and providing enough of a chase so that HE stays interested?

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      so lets say a week later I text the guy I had a good convo with and he still seems interested, and he responds and seems happy to be talking to me but goes a week without texting me... what does that mean?

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      Cutie19911, I suppose that is the ultimate question. For me personally, I'd say to naturally "become" a person worth "chasing" - don't throw it out as a manipulative thing. Personally, I hate "chasing" in most versions, but it's been because I've had almost nothing but head games; past a certain point, I won't play because I don't see it as a fair game to play.