How do you know when a man is truly interested in you?

Is there a true way to tell if he is interested in you? Is there something I can watch for?


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  • I think every guy shows love differently, my boyfriend he is a bad boy type before I met him girls told me about him and what he had done to other girls, but with me he is so different. At first he was a di*ck but then after the next few months he became nicer, and still a bit of a b*stard sometimes, but I think he loves me.

    He has seen me at my worst, I can't believe I have fallen over him and he just stood there and looked at me like to say get up and stop being silly because I was laughing at it, and then one night we were sleeping and I began to snore and he just laughed and held on to me tight, he's so sweet like he does little things to me, we have been together for 4 months and like every relationships we have our ups and downs, but I swear I thought before I had relationships but I can truly feel the love in this one.

    A guy will either tell you he loves you, or if he doesn't like to show feelings like my boyfriend you will pick it up.. usually actions are the best way to tell.


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  • Sure

    You should begin to see an increase in your daily high fives from him...

    Even over text and email

    ^ 5


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  • theres no right answer for this, there isn't 1 thing all guys do when interested

  • you can just tell...