Would you be pissed if you liked a guy and were talking to him and he went on a date with another girl?

Ok this one is for the ladies, ok here's the deal, I am talking to this girl and I really like her, and I think she likes me, but here's my problem when I go out to the bars girls approach me and I talk to them and all, but when I start drinking, bad things happen, I end up sleeping with girls who I have no intention on getting in a relationship, so I went out the other night and well just as I am about to leave the bar, not planning on dancing or really talking to girls because I am talking to this one girl, well this woman comes up to me and starts talking to me so I start talking to her, well she kisses my cheek and starts dancing with me, and then well we end up making out and she gives me her number and wants to go on a date with me, so is it bad that I got her number and made out with her because I am talking to another girl? Or does it not really matter since I'm still single? I am supposed to go on a date with her, so should I or should I flake on her since I am talking to this other girl, the other girl I have made out with for like 2 hours and I talk to her every night but like I said we are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet, so ladies would you be pissed if you liked a guy and were talking to him and he went on a date with another girl?

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  • OH My God.I am exactly at the situation that you have with the original girl.ARE YOU MY BF!? .OO.NO WAY.00.*SURPRISED*.I am doubtful he sees me as her girlfriend now but I know he goes to bars and I got upset when he was there with bar girls tough he claims no one talks to him there. Yea that's to bad,Please do not do that.I mean date with bar girl or original one and if you are going to date with bar girl then inform the other girl that you don t want to be friend with her because you are on date with bar girl.I mean let her to know your situation.I am really upset and confused now because I really do not know whether I have to break up with him or not.I am in middle of two way.However,If he was going to tell me the truth as soon as possible I would go to date with other men.Please date with only one girl at same time and let the girl that knows you before don t live in her dreams for you.OK if you wanna know how bad it is put yourself in the shoes of the original girl and think that you are that girl.I bet you didn t like to date a girl who at the same time is on date with other boy and hides it from you.

    • My boyfriend texts to me by his phone when he is in the bar but suddenly he turns off his mobile or cuts chatting and when I ask him what happened in bar or is he with other girls there.He says nothing really or believes that he can not talk to anybody there as he is shy.I wish if he is dating with other girls be brave and SAY it to me clearly that he is dating because that's my right as a human.Suppose your girlfriend had another guy dating and was hidding it from you even when you asked her to tell the truth

    • I bet that's not a good feeling.and its not part of humanity to like all the things happen only for you.I mean she is a human and she has the right to make her future according to what is in reality .She is a human like you so please don t let her to live in her own dreams that she has about you.Say her aloud the reality of your life.Don t make situation worse by hiding everything.Please.thank you