How to show a guy you like him?

We flirt with each other when we're around, I've asked him out to a movie and dinner night with me once (alone), I text and call him sometimes. I... Show More

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  • alright, my advice would be to keep up with the flirting, see him and talk to him at least 3 times a week, this will show him that your making time for him. a couple more movie dates would hurt either.

    instead of taking him jumper when your cold, suggle up to him, if it's a zip then when it's open put it around you while he's still wearing it. giving him a kiss here and there won't hurt.

    your into him and it's looks a lot like he's into you, so what you wanna do is just try and 'drift' into the relationship, there's no need to make anything official before you start dateing him, if it gets to the point where your gone all the way then you might wanna tlak to him the next morning to make sure that he see's you as a girlfriend and not friends with benefits (frineds with benfits), you can talk to him about that before that stage if you want, but don't talk about it straight after.