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How do guys like girls shaved in the nether regions ;) ?

How do guys like girls shaved in the nether regions ;) ? completely bald or what?

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  • can be related to guys and girls, where it depends, some like floorboards some like carpet and others like the doormat.personally in girls I prefer floorboards, though I don't mind if it is kept short and neat, lots of hair is just gross and annoying (specially if cunnilingus is being performed)general rule if we keep it clean down there for you then we expect similar

    • Cunnilingus?

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    • Lol. He means oral sex. Cunnilingus is just a cool and professional sounding way to say it.

    • Haha. you sound like your talking about a car at first

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  • I prefer shaven or closely trimmed. Whatever makes the girl more comfortable.

  • Use of term "nether regions" made me answer lolI'm a fan of bald, It is just so smooth and nothing gets in the way. At the same time, there is no way I'd shave it all off, so I can understand completely if you don't want to. I'm cool with that, but it had better be trimmed.

  • shaved is nice .lol

  • haha, I like it completely shaved. But some guys like a little landing strip. A girl told me she doesn't like totally shaving because it makes her feel like a little girl. It's really up to you, but if we ever hook up, I'd prefer it shaved lol

    • Haha you wish;)

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