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Why do men treat the girl that they like very mean?

hes really mean even though I can see that he likes me.he treats every other girls like he'll do anything for them but he's not like that to me.hell... Show More

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  • It's called teasing. That's all he's doing. Just like girls do.you have to look for the little clues us guys give off to you.

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  • not all guys do this.some guys think they have to be a jerk to make girls like them.

  • Well of course not all guys treat the girl that they like in a mean way , sometimes they tease her but not to be mean in doing that tell him how you feel about it .

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  • The same thing happened to me. This guy was a jock and really hot, he could have any girl that he wanted, had a 98% average in class, and partied like crazy. but he disrespected me sexually and then felt bad when I rejected him.

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