Is he flirting or just being friendly?

Alright, so I have this guy friend in my geometry class. I have to admit, I find him attractive. Though when we first met and became friends, he told me he was a bit flirt though wasn't aware of it half the time. I was cool with it at the beginning, not really particularly interested anyways. After a while, I went out with one of his friends. We've only recently broken up, probably 2 weeks ago, but since then me and my guy friend have been talking more. However, I don't know if he's intentionally flirting, or just being friendly.

We sit next to each other in class, though before when his seat was on the other side of the room, he'd use the excuse that he couldn't see the board on the teacher and pull up a chair beside me. Now, I began noticing that sometimes he'd casually touch my knee with his hand to catch my attention, or he'd throw little paper balls at me whenever he got the chance--- We spent an entire class period one day just basically having a paper ball fight with each other whenever the teacher wasn't looking. He's taken my phone and added himself to my contacts without my knowing, when the day before he openly gave it to the girl sitting behind him. Also, did I mention not a single day goes by that he doesn't tussle my hair and laugh at my reaction?

I tried not too look too deep into things for a while, not wanting to fall for his 'flirtatious charm', thinking he likes me, only to find out he was being friendly. You know? So yeah, I just want some general insight on things.


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  • Yeah, I'm with her. It doesn't seem sincere as far as "relationship status" goes in which someone who is serious would take it slow and not be so forthcoming. I say be careful because it just seems like he is flirting and it isn't going to get really serious. He might just get a kick out of souping girls heads up and then leaving them out in the cold. He may get thrills from MAKING someone like him. I say play along but don't get too wrapped up in him girlfriend. Play it cool and don't let him toy with your emotions. Think about it, if you read into it too much and you get rejected, guess who you'll still have to see at school and in geometry class?!

    Yeah, he knows that he is attractive and that's why he is doing that. On the other hand he may honestly be feeling you. He is a little too open with it for me and is moving to fast for you to take it seriously. Watch him closely. I think he is a player and that you aren't the only girl he is playing with like that.


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  • hes flirting with you big time and I guess he might like you BUT careful because he might be a player.

  • I wish I knew for you. I'm in the same situation. Look at his consistency. If he's consistent, I think that that counts for a lot. Its VERY difficult not to get attatched by behavior- trust me I know that for sure. Just wait and see. If nothing happens, just consider him a really cool guy friend who likes to meet girls and make friends with girls by flirting. God bless you.