If a guy pats a girl twice on the shoulder was he just being nice?

I met this guy a few weeks ago and we have become really good friends. We see each other almost every day at Uni. I have a couple of questions. I recently said that I wasn't going to to go to my next lecture (of which we would both normaly go to) and he looked a little disapointed and tried to... Show More

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  • Yes it's pretty boarder line but I think he'd be open to more, but knows or suspects that you're not wanting to be more than friends.

    I'm not sure how you could find out for sure without leading him on, maybe observe if he is just the type of guy that touches when he talks with everyone or if it's just a select few, or even just you.

    but if you do decide you would be open to being more than friends you could return the touching on the shoulder, maybe on his chest too, allow your arms or legs to touch in class. You could even tell him next time you're thinking of skipping a class he should pick you up and carry you there.