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What does it mean when a guy asks you to go home with you?

I met this guy at a club, we exchange #s and we been texting since them... Last night we went out to Dave and busters... He lives about 40min from me... Show More

so nothing has happen between us... we just been going out on dates... I did pick him up from he's house the other day and he didn't invited me in... lol so that's a good thing.. I have another questionm so when we go out and when I'm about to leave home or what ever we just hug goodbye no kiss involved... he doesn't make the move to kiss me and I don't know if I should... I'm not easy and don't want to make myself look like I am...

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  • Wait it out. It was only the first date. Not good form of him to ask as now you assume he's just after sex (which he may be). But if you still like him after that and want to see where it will go, keep dating him, just don't go back to his place until you're ready. You may have to wait a little longer than you would've to feel comfortable since now you're not sure of his intentions, but that's his fault for asking so quick, not yours.

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  • He wants sex.

  • if a guy asks you to go to his place then he wants to take you to his bed. you can decide if you want to end up in his bed or if you want to stop talking to him for this behavior or if you want to be like " I'll date you but you're not getting laid for 6 months "...

    say that and you'll see how much he really likes you...most men would never call you again but the ones that are worth your time would.

    you must be a hottie...so if you're from arizona hit me up lol.

    • well if you want to kiss him don't start it. Let him lead. But you could put your mouth near his and see if he goes in for the kiss. If not let it happen when it does.

  • The date went well and he obviously finds you attractive. Whether he wants to just get in bed or not is to early to tell. Only time will tell what his intentions are.

    I only sleep with girls I like but if I asked a girl back to my place its usually to hook up and spend more time with them.

  • Well he's not asking you over to show you his baby pictures

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