How do I know if we're more than just friends

Okay so I have been talking to this guy I know for a while but recently its been everyday for a couple of weeks now. Through texting and myspace messages mostly. He asked me if I wanted to get some lunch one day. So I agreed and we got lunch and coffee and talked for a couple hours. Everything went well and he said we should do it again soon. Well today he asked me when I would be up for hanging out again. So I told him I was free this weekend. So he said that we should go bowling and get some dinner friday night. But I am still a little confused if he could possibly like me more than just a friend. or am I only going to be considered a friend. He confides in me alot. we have a lot of the same interests. it seems to be going well but I'm still pretty confused.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ok basically he definitely likes's something to ALWAYS remember.

    Guys are usually never socially confident as girls are (why that's a whole other story)

    He basically isn't showing that he knows how to transition from friends zone to more then friends zone (hey it's tricky for each situation boys and girls) So give him some major you know the "slide your hand down his arm & laugh".poke him playfully.laugh and look in his eyes. If you do this enough and he doesn't play back he won't be confident enough for your own female needs (protection, leadership, la de dah).

    Good luck babe