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How do I know if we're more than just friends

Okay so I have been talking to this guy I know for a while but recently its been everyday for a couple of weeks now. Through texting and myspace... Show More

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  • Ok basically he definitely likes you.here's something to ALWAYS remember.

    Guys are usually never socially confident as girls are (why that's a whole other story)

    He basically isn't showing that he knows how to transition from friends zone to more then friends zone (hey it's tricky for each situation boys and girls) So give him some major hints.lol you know the "slide your hand down his arm & laugh".poke him playfully.laugh and look in his eyes. If you do this enough and he doesn't play back he won't be confident enough for your own female needs (protection, leadership, la de dah).

    Good luck babe

What Guys Said 4

  • You'll know for sure when he makes a move, but it's uncommon for guys to ask for dates just to pal around.

    • Well he asks me if I would like to hang out. But he pays for everything and is a gentleman.. so that's where I am confused. I guess I will know a little more on friday.

  • Day dates such as lunch you are in the friend zone, where he is asking you to do something on a weekend night.it's up for grabs

    • Yes. that is where I am confused. lol

  • hes interest in more than friendship but maybe he's taken it slow that's all ,

    it will heat up after these dates .

What Girls Said 4

  • Oh he SO likes you! :)

    The question is, do YOU like HIM? If you're asking about him, then I'm guessing that you kinda do.

    Trust me, most guys don't just hang out one-on-one with girls that they have no interest in whatsoever. The fact that he's so eager and asking you when you'll be up for hanging out again shows that he wasn't just paying you lip-service when he mentioned it the first time. He was really serious!

    So yeah, go out with him! Have fun! It couldn't hurt.

  • I think he definitely fancies you. His actions seem to point towards more than friendship, and he seems to like you. Check out the situation regarding his relationships - is he single? Ask his mates about his relationships - have they been successful? has he had any long-term relationships?

    Then work out how you feel, and make a decision based on that.

    • He is single. And he has talked to me a lot about his past realationships. Even telling me right off the bat that he has been divorced once. She cheated on him. But he says he definitely enjoyed being married and wants to do it again someday. So he is pretty positive.

    • Then what you waiting for? Ask him out!

  • i definately think that he is interested. if he wasn't he wouldn't be trying to hang out with you. guys normally have girls that are just friends that are just there.they don't work to try and be around them.i think its a good sign he is asking you to hang out!. and if you want to make sure ur not just friends,.be a litttle scandalous

    • I know he has a couple friends that are girls... so that's the only reason why I am wondering...

  • I'm there right now. He found out I love disneyland so we went together. just me and him. coffee a billion times, and always in public places, I think because he wants people to notice because we live in a small town and everyone knows each other. but we're just friends... still... I feel I've dropped hints too. I'm confused as well, but I think he likes you, I think he likes me. looks like we're in the same boat. good luck to you. just wait it out. if it's destined, the right time will come.

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