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I don't know what's up. What does a guy mean by "we're more like friends"?

what does a guy mean when he said " we're more like friends" ?

i was actully giving him a back rub after he did something nice, and he said "that's gay we're more like friends" then I said "i know right I'm playing" then he laughed what does that mean?

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  • He meant what he said. He knows that nothing is going to happen between you two so he's just going to stay friends.

  • I'm just not into you.

  • Simply when a guy says:

    We're more like friends it means We are more like friends.

  • He means exactly what he said? Lol

    • yes

  • Your just friends

  • he means that you are more then friends so make your move he's hinting to you.

    • well I know that it's actually stupid to ask such a question. but I'm not an american woman so I don't know if it's slang. I really don't get it at first I thought he meant we we're JUST friends as in just friends not more than that :) thank you so much for answering

    • Yeah I'm pretty sure that's what he means as in, there's no romantic chemistry between you two, at least in his eyes. And you're welcome :)

    • so, how am I going to make a move if there's no romantic chemistry? please answer I would really appreciate it :)

  • it means §; it means you are in the friend zone. :) And he isn't attracted to you.

What Girls Said 9

  • that' means he doesn't want to commit and just sees you as just friends. if you do anything more than friends, it doesn't matter to him.

  • he might not be so comfortable with you giving him a back rub, did he asked for it himself?

    so he said its not that good you are doing so, because you may seems more than friends while you are just friends!

  • he isn't sexually attracted to you.

  • It means, you are friends.

  • it means that you are more than friends, a kind of flirty.. but never a girlfriend! so, do not pay attention to him, not more than a friend!

  • it means he doesn't want to hook up with you

  • Decoding "we're more like friends": Means, "We're more like friends."

    Usually an English degree will help you to understand English.

  • it means he only likes you as a friend.

  • It means he isn't interested in flirting with you therefore being in a relationship with you.

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