Why do guys like Asian girls?

Most of my friends are in inter-racial relationships, I wonder why do guys like Asian girls? I don't have anything personal against this, just wondering, guys, any reasons?


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  • it's all in the stereotype.

    the idea that we're loyal, obedient, etc.

    and in terms of physical attractiveness, I guess it's cause they find asian girls to be exotic.

    petite, usually slender/in shape, and youthful looking.

    i'm an asian girl, and this is what I've heard anyway.

    • I agree, I hate the stereotyping. surprise, I'm asian.

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  • I think most times its about the physical attraction but personally I like the general personality of girls who were born in countries like Vietnam, China, etc. They tend to be more loyal and dedicated than most American girls, and treat a man like a man instead of a dog.

  • Asian girls are just cute, I haven't with one, but in the diverse area where I live they are the most beautiful, I myself am Latin, and rarely myself dating Hispanic girls, I like how most Asian girls have a full smile and silky hair, they also don't dip their face on a bucket of makeup, most aren't stock up, really friendly, and they have the best type of eyes.

  • honestly when guys hear "asian" it's the whole idea of fetishism toward asian women. the fetish is that asian women are docile, subservient, and obedient little sex massage parlor geishas. you know the old movie of vietnam war where the viet prostitute approached american soldiers and say "hi baby, sucky sucky five dollar? me love you long time" that's EXACTLY what guy's think of when thinking of asian girls' sexuality. the porn industry plays a huge part too. guys watches tons of porn. you might not understand as a girl "why would you watch that stuff?" but yes, they all do (over 97%). asian in american population is less than 5% but in porn industry they are everywhere. and in these porns, there is always this interplay of dirty words being back and forth. the guy would be like "you my white cock, don't you? you bad little geisha" the asian porn actress would reply (beter with an accent) "oh~ yes! me love you long time! fuuck my tight asian pussy!" obviously very degrading and contempting to asian women, but this is a turn on for men because it's that whole theme of dominance and conquering asian women (also, notice there are NEVER asian guys in the porn industry. another idea of "taking away women" of foriegn races, of asian guys and winning the mating battle). whether you believe it or not this is true 99% of guys learn and explore their sexuality through porn, so they are very very exposed to these kinds of themes from an early age, and the term "asian" has almost become a porn category, not a race (just google "asian" and see what you get) and even in the popular media, there are plenty of subtle notions that goes along witht this theme. just look at the ad next to your question lol. they are treated like commercial commodities, sex objects.

    • I'm Asian and I think they probably only like Asian girls cause they think they can just have a one-night stand with us. Most Asian girls are smaller and shy so we look easier to hit on but I am small and shy sometimes but I can kick ass when needed. Where I live Americans with Americans and Asians are with Asians we're all friends but close friends over hear are usually the same race as each other because Asians are FOB.

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  • I'm Asian girl and to be honest white/black and other guys never liked Asian... I'm very surpise that inter- racial relationships is still there^^. I don't get it. I mean I never disrepect to any guys or maybe they had issues or something... I don't know?

  • why do guys enjoy asain girls?

  • Well, it depends. I wouldn't necessarily put too much weight on ALL guys liking Asian girls.

    I live in a city where being blonde, fair-skinned, light-eyed is the ideal.

    • I didn't put too much weight on all guys liking asian girls, yes I am aware theyre are other races lol

  • perhaps Asian girls much prettier,unique,tan skin,ideal height and look exotic.