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What does it mean when a guy double takes?

What I mean is when a guy looks briefly at a girl then looks again as if he missed something. Just want to know. :) Thanks.

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  • Sometimes it means that he thought you were super hot, and had to look back. HOWEVER, there have been cases where I was simply looking around, my glance passed over a girl who was looking dead at me, then it registered that she was looking at me and I looked back. I didn't necessarily think she was cute, I just looked back because I was caught off guard by someone staring right at me like that. So don't jump to any conclusions just yet and don't start wishfully thinking because your brain really WANTS him to like you. Make sure you know for sure first! :)

    • Hmm I get what you mean by you doing that when you catch someone staring at you. But what happens if the guy double takes when the girl isn't looking, THEN she looks up and catches him, and he looks away quickly?

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    • lol. he sounds like creeper then, he's with someone. yikes. but yeh, you girls are distracting! can't get anything done if you're around xD

    • haha your funny!

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  • It means she's really cute. First, the cute registers, then a guy wants to check you out, starting with his favorite anatomical interests. Usually I'll look a second time to check out your legs.

    • Interesting, thanks for that :)

  • you had something in your teeth

    • (Heavy sigh) Oh I am so sick of comments like these. :)

  • It could be a lot of things . It might be that he likes the girl and he's looking at her again , to see if he's caught her attention.

  • It means one of 3 things,1. You have a really nice ass2. You have really nice t*ts3. Your hot and he wants to get some wet wet

  • It means he wants to tap that

  • It means he is enraged.

What Girls Said 3

  • "Whoah, was that a dude?"


  • Ah...I do that sometimes.It happens when I'm somewhere and a person I know enters the room (but I wasn't expecting them) so I just skimmed the room, saw them, but didn't register it, so I look again, to make sure I didn't miss anything. And it usually happens that that is the person I know - then we chat or sth.Or it happens when I like a guy, and am surprised he's there, so in my 'mild shock' I turn my head quickly in his direction to make sure I saw what I just saw, and to make sure it's not just my imagination. . . Haha

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