What does it mean when a guy touches your thigh?

I have this friend. We like each other a lot. A few days ago we were watching a movie at my house, and towards the end he put his hand on the top of my thigh. What does it mean? I really would like if only guys answered this.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It could just be affectionate and friendly - but I can only really answer from my own point of view... and if I touched someone's thigh it'd be because I liked her.

    To be honest, depending on how it was done, it may be that he's looking for validation that you want to be touched by him. I had exactly the same thing with one of my ex's...

    We started off just having a friendly hug on the settee... hands went on thighs and then she let me know that she wanted more when she snuggled up into me - after that everything just went quickly, and it wasn't long until we kissed :)