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What does it mean when a guy touches your thigh?

I have this friend. We like each other a lot. A few days ago we were watching a movie at my house, and towards the end he put his hand on the top of... Show More

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  • It could just be affectionate and friendly - but I can only really answer from my own point of view... and if I touched someone's thigh it'd be because I liked her.

    To be honest, depending on how it was done, it may be that he's looking for validation that you want to be touched by him. I had exactly the same thing with one of my ex's...

    We started off just having a friendly hug on the settee... hands went on thighs and then she let me know that she wanted more when she snuggled up into me - after that everything just went quickly, and it wasn't long until we kissed :)

What Guys Said 5

  • It could be just an affectionate gesture or maybe he wanted a physical response from you. It may depend a little on the mood at that moment.

  • He was trying to make a move. How did you react? Was he looking at you and did you look into his eyes? MORE INFORMATION

  • It could be unintended if his hand brushed by or something but for him to plop his hand on top of your thigh and just leave it there, it's pretty clear that he wants to be more than friends.

  • He was trying to start something by making a physical contact, in hopes of a response by a physical touch from you.

What Girls Said 4

  • OMG that happpened to me! And at the time I really liked him. His girlfriend was sitting right next to him and he still did it! He even left his arm around me and nothis gf! :P Later in life he did it again and used my chapstick and held my hand...the even later in life we went out...it didn't go very smooth. Thanks to his ex that used to be my friend who said she wouldn't be mad if I told him yes. She was alkl over him when we were together. So yeah he likes you! :)

  • What does it mean when a guy touched ur vagina

  • it means he wants you

  • Hes a perveeee (:

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