She has no interest in you?

If a girl doesn't text you, does she mean she has no interest in you? So I like this girl, and I finally got to grab her number., and I texted her for a couple days, and she replies as if she is interested, but I began to notice that, she would never text me unless I text first. Does this mean she is showing no interest in me?


Most Helpful Girl

  • There are two possible answers here. One: she is interested in you but she wants to see how far will you go to get a date with her. Like girl below me said.she is playing stupid game with you. Two: She is not interested in you but she still going to give you a shot to see if there is going to feeling for you in the future. Or she might be a friendly person and she just like to talk to everyone like that. I know for me when I like a guy I will try to text or call him and see what he is up too but that me thought all girls are different.