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She has no interest in you?

If a girl doesn't text you, does she mean she has no interest in you? So I like this girl, and I finally got to grab her number., and I texted her... Show More

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  • There are two possible answers here. One: she is interested in you but she wants to see how far will you go to get a date with her. Like girl below me said.she is playing stupid game with you. Two: She is not interested in you but she still going to give you a shot to see if there is going to feeling for you in the future. Or she might be a friendly person and she just like to talk to everyone like that. I know for me when I like a guy I will try to text or call him and see what he is up too but that me thought all girls are different.

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  • I hardly text a guy first because I've had bad luck with guys. And, I'm afraid to annoy him or something. She could be shy. But I wouldn't assume she doesn't like you. I agree with Confidenceishot, it depends on the situation. give it time, talk to her & get to know her. She could be nervous. and the more your honest with her, the more she'll feel comfortable to talk to you more.

  • Whether or not she does like you, she probably hasn't started the texting because you have and, therefore, she expects you to continue it. That's what usually happens to me: unless I have something important to say or ask, if the guy has been the one to initiate the texting [or myspace comments, messages, etc.] then I don't text or write to him first. Usually he does continue the initiating of it especially if he likes me at least as a friend/person, usually more though. But if we recently exchanged numbers and he hasn't initiated the texting yet then I will.and usually he doesn't ever initiate it after that. My advice is to wait a day then initiate the texting, but text something interesting whether than just "hey" or "what's up/how's it going?".that's what guys usually start out texting to me and it just gets old and boring.

  • That's not true. If she always reply to your text message that means she is interested in you. Well, you guys are not in a relationship yet, why don't you do the chase first? So, show her that you care and interested in her. Don't text too often though, maybe every 2 days. Goodluck ^.^

    • I'm in a situation where if I text her she responds and we have a bit of an exchange but then stops talking w/o saying bye. what does that mean? I did ask for a 2nd date once and she didn't respond. Should I call her one more time or should I just move on?

  • guy, this guy is doing the same to me. it's really weird, one day he will text me, the next day he won't, I don't understand him. he's so confusing.

    • Haha, he's probably waiting for you to text him rather than him texting you... just like me...

  • I'm a girl, and I really like a guy. But I will NOT text him first because I'm afraid I will annoy him. I thought he liked me but he hasn't texted in a week and that is making me like him even more... So I don't know if that helps but... Good luck (:

  • Absolutely not! My guy has always texted me first and still does to this day! Now, I'll text first every once in a while, but not often. He seems to like things the way they are too. If your girl is anything like me, she wants you to take the leadership role and be the one to intiate contact. She probably doesn't want to bother you, never knowing when a good time is, and probably doesn't want to come across as throwing herself at you either. And you said that she replies to your texts. I would think that if she wasn't interested, she would ignore you or let you know somehow that she wasn't interested. The fact that she's even replying is a good sign. Just keep doing what you're doing and eventually you'll find out sooner or later how she really feels. Good luck! :-)

    • I'm in a situation where if I text her she responds and we have a bit of an exchange but then stops talking w/o saying bye. what does that mean? I did ask for a 2nd date once and she didn't respond. Should I call her one more time or should I just move on?

  • It could be she's trying to play games. make you chase her. Or it could be that she's really busy and doesn't think about texting or has nothing to say. If she really really is showing she's interested, then she probably is playing "the game" lame. I know.

    • I'm in a situation where if I text her she responds and we have a bit of an exchange but then stops talking w/o saying bye. what does that mean? I did ask for a 2nd date once and she didn't respond. Should I call her one more time or should I just move on?

  • the most important thing is that she's replying to ur texts.

    I know myself I don't msg guys first when I'm interested in them, I usually wait till they msg me. cus I think males should that's me though.

    Also she might be shy what to say or doesn't wana seem to pushy or needy if she did, or she could have had crap from other males so she might be a tad lazy but likes you enough to reply to your msgs. just chill ;)

  • haha omg I'm in that same position but as the girl

    i will never text him back unless he texts me first if he doesn't text I won't text.

    & I'm totally into this guy. trust me she's interested in you or she wouldn't reply to you the first time. just playing hard to get. she wants you to text her all the time LOL

    • Women who play "hard to get" should be dumped. women need to learn head games are NOT the way to get men's attention, but to piss em off!

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    • Well looking at ur age I understand y you get pisseD off LOL....

      & not all woman need to learn that sum guys like the mind games....keeps them occupied LOL

    • I'm in a situation where if I text her she responds and we have a bit of an exchange but then stops talking w/o saying bye. what does that mean? I did ask for a 2nd date once and she didn't respond. Should I call her one more time or should I just move on?

  • Maybe she just dosen't like texting. did you ever think that could be the reason?

  • Just this summer, a guy got my number and he texted first. I texted back out of politeness. But after that first text, he would text everyday and I just gradually all together ignored his texts because I was not interested in talking with him. So, your situation, it could mean she's just not interested or shy. If I was interested and not shy at the moment, I would jump at the opportunity to text back to the guy I like.

    • if you're flirty with the guy in person to the point where you're touching him, running into him, smiling, poking him, etc...then he texts you once and you don't respond but the other day you were responding right away. he ignores texting you again until he sees you in person 5 days later. you're flirty with him as you were above. he texts you the following day but you don't respond...is this non interest, hard to get or just shyness...just curious and confused.

    • when she runs into me she just walks into half of my body, brushes her chest discreetly against my chest and walks on by. doesn't say stop or excuse me or nothing...its kinda odd to be run into like this and then not get a response to a text...help lol. how should I respond to her when I see her in person again etc.,.,.,

  • Maybe no interest, but probably she is a typical girl, who doesn't want to show how much she is interested. Maybe I'd try not to text her for a couple of days, just to see what happens.

  • she is probably interested if she's always texting you back.,.she doesn't text you first because she doesn't want to seem desperate or clingy. trust me, I do the same thing I'm usually scared that I'm gonna annoy him if I'm always the one texting him.

  • I would def say that it doesn't automatically mean that she is not interested in you. It kind of depends on your situation like have you guys gone out? does she know you like her? are you guys really close? what is your relationship like? If you kind of just started talking to her, I would def give her a chance to warm up to you and to get to know you. I know that I am fairly quiet and shy in the beginning with people. It's also possible she is nervous.

  • That's not always true. Sometimes I will wait for the guy to text me first because I don't want to look desperate or needy. If I had no interest, I just wouldn't answer when he texted lol.

  • Texting these days.ha ha ha. Like a few of the other females here, I've been in a similar situation. If she replies, she's interested.

    Have you thought about having a voice conversation though? If you really want to date this girl, you'll have to show that kind of initiative and leap into "intimacy", I think. Because, I've seen guys/girls with other people (possibly a "date" itself), texting! Soooo, it makes people wonder "what the hell are you actually doing?" when you're texting! I'm just saying.

    • I'm in a situation where if I text her she responds and we have a bit of an exchange but then stops talking w/o saying bye. what does that mean? I did ask for a 2nd date once and she didn't respond. Should I call her one more time or should I just move on?

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  • I hate texting. I used to do the same thing to girls. I'm a bit different now though.

    Doesn't mean a thing.

  • trust me man, a girl doesn't just give out a number unless your a friend or if she is interested in you..she isn't ignoring you and it seems like she could like you..girls don't text guys first cus they don't want to feel like they are being a pain and they could feel maybe insecure...trust me she is into you

  • Some girls don't believe in texting or calling first; so when you do text her this is what your looking for. If she is trying to keep the conversation going that's a good thing. If she is giving you long texts and questions then your good. Give her a short answer and see if she tries to get the conversation going again. If she is giving you short texts with dead end answers then she probably trying to give you a clue that she's not interested. Texting is hard because you really can't tell what they are feeling when they write a text; so really talk to her it's a lot more fun and you really get to know her facial expressions and the good and bad vibes from each other.

  • I wouldn't think too hard about this. My girlfriend used to always text me first for the first couple weeks of us dating, and now I usually text her first, sometimes we don't text at all during the day and just talk at night. Sometimes we also talk about how we liked the texts we got during the day when we talk at night! So, it really varies, and sometimes there just isn't anything to text about in the first place.

    Try not to get too into the whole texting situation though, because multiple times I've sent my girlfriend a text or she's sent me a text and it didn't go through. So we're waiting for hours to get a reply and it never comes! Texting is handy, but keep verbal communication at the center of it all.

  • we are in the same situation dude..except I ve gone to 3 dates with this girl..my only problem is I can't read this girl..i text her..but it always takes her about an hour or so to reply..but we have a mutual convo tho..i just can't tell if she's bein polite or interested in me..but keep it up dude!

    But if you go on another date you should ask her..i asked the girl I'm dating and she said that she doesn't like small minded guys..she wants the guy to text her..so yeah keep it up

  • So I've got a situation as well. I've met this girl at my previous work. We've been flirting for 3 months and we really hit it of, or at least I thought, cause there is this great chemistry. During these months I'd try to ask her out, but I chickened out every time, till my last working day (saturday night). She had a new haircut, which did not had the effect she hoped for, so she was a bit down about it. Anyway, I finally got the nerve to ask het our and she said something about, yeah maybe (in a flirtatious way) (she would give me her number after work) and later that night we were fooling around again (putting ice-cubes in my shirt and all) so I thought that was a good sign. Anyway, at the end of the shift I didn't got her number and we didn't had a moment to ourself.

    A couple days later (monday) I went back to work (to talk to my boss), and she was working at that time and she said to me that we forgot something that saturday. We both knew what she was talking about so I handed her a coaster (to write her number on) and she was searching for a pen, but couldn't find one so she told me that she would send me her number via facebook. However, on Thursday she accepted the friendshiprequest, but didn't send me her number or a message, so after a couple of days (saturday) I sent her a message saying something like: what, afraid to give your number to such a stud like me? I know you're probably afraid to fall in love with me, but that's OK, cause well, it's me;). However, she hasn't responded to it yet and it has been a couple of days (it's now tuesday). I know she is going on holiday this week, don't know exactly when (could be she is already on holiday), but I don't know what to make of it all.

    We're really connecting when we meet, but she doesn't respond to my messages, so I don't know what.

    I'm 22 years old and she's 20 years old.

  • She's not interested. At least not much. I would move along. If she is really interested and doesn't hear from you she WILL get after you.

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