Do black girls like Hispanic men?

Interracial dating is more common, but I hardly see a black girl with a Hispanic guy. I myself am looking for one. I would like a girl's opinion about this. What's the deal? Do you ladies like us Hispanic guys? To make things clear, many hispanic guys take a second look at a cute black girl that walks by except that most of us think that they wouldn't give us the time of day. Come on black ladies give us some feedback.


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  • Of course everyone is different, but I like Hispanic men and many of my friends do too. Especially if he has an accent that just makes me weak lol! I personally rarely date outside of my race because I'm worried about what the guy thinks. I usually am like he might not like black girls so I never make a move or show interest. That is probably true for a lot of girls and that's why we just stick to our own, but yeah I would go out with a Hispanic guy.

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      Don't get me wrong I love all all races. right now I currenly have a massive crush on this Mexican boy in my class and he has the complete package that I look for in a guy, he's funny, attractive, sweet and many more. but sadly he is going to levae to go to chile t become a soccer player. I'm 14 by the way

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  • I LOVE Hispanic guys. I grew up around a lot of Hispanics, mostly Dominicans and I'm just so comfortable around them. I was mistaken for one a lot growing up being "morena" so I just kind of fell in with them. I eat their food, I can dance a mean bachata, and their parents seem to like me a lot more when they find out that I'm not just "black" but Haitian because we're neighbors. I love it when they speak Spanish to me because it's just so sexy and I once dated a guy who called me his mami chula which I just adored. So when it comes to dating they're number one on my list of preferences.When it comes to bringing a guy home my family would much prefer if I brought a Hispanic boy as opposed to Black-American because we have much more in common culturally like with our music and food and how we're taught to treat our men.

    The problem is I'll get a lot of attention from them, they'll tell me I'm pretty for a black girl and express their attraction, but where I live they seem almost hesitant to try for more...almost as if they're afraid I won't be into them which is crazy since I'm always around them!

  • i love hispanic guys I get a lot of attention from them but never dated one and would love to they are very sweet and passionate and attractive

  • My current bf is Honduran and my previous bf was Cuban, so I'd say yeah. But not every black girl likes Hispanic men, just like not every Hispanic man likes black women. For me, personality matters more than race, so I'd say if you want to go after a black woman, more power to you lol. good luck! :D

  • I'd rather date one than a white guy that's for sure!
    I'm more into the Black Latinos though


  • Yeah,a good amount of us do but I have some black friends who won't date outside the race, too.

    A lot of us do, though.

    • Thank you for your comment...nice pic

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  • Short answer: Sometimes.

    Long answer: Depends on which girl and which guy.

    Flirt with them and see who flirts back.

  • I live in Chicago, and I am on the border of a Black and Hispanic neighborhood. I am Latino mixed with other past blood lines. I do like black girls, but I do not think most of the black woman do not like Latinos, so I intend to back off sometimes. I do talk to some of the black girls that I really like, and we talk normally, but if she does not meet me half way... I would then feel I am getting turned down. I have been single for 11yrs, and upon my return to dating, I would very much like a black woman.

  • I'm Salvadoran and I love Black women, I think they are some of the most beautiful girls in the world... And I've found out that they do like Hispanic men. if you talk to them and you make them laugh you shour can get you a date.