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Why do I miss him when he's a jerk?

i recently just broke up with my boyfriend of 4 months, we were close the first 2 months and I don't know what happened but everything went downhill... Show More

so I talked to him last week and well he seemd like he changed but he makin it seem like he dnt want me back even tho he said he did wtvr I'm starting to get over him

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  • You might miss him for several reasons.

    Even though he caused too much drama for you, there were good times as well. So it's normal to miss the good times. It's normal to second-guess yourself, but never forget that the bad times outweighed the good.

    The most important thing you can realize is that you're lonely but not necessarily lonesome for him -- there's a "guy shaped hole" in your life. He's the most recent guy, but he's not the only guy in the world.

    Hope this helps.

    • Thats true... thanks that really did help

What Guys Said 2

  • basically its just because of ur feelings that why you act this way.its normal!i'm sure everyone will also be this way too.happy memories will always take centre stage before the bad comes in.its natural to miss him.but if you want to get him back then you gotta weigh the pros and cons first.see if you can live with his faults before you make a decision

What Girls Said 6

  • Hey, honey, can I say that you ex was a complete and utter piece of b.s. - he didn't stand up for you and he laughed at you. If any of my ex's had done that whilst they were dating me, that would have been the end of it. Full stop.

    I think you did the right thing by walking away, and you should not go back to him. Instead, go and find someone who'll treat you like the wonderful girl you obviously are.

  • Women want what they can't have. So when he acts like a jerk it makes you want him even more because you get this vibe that he's off limits. My ex played the jerk game for soo long and he kept me chasing him for the longest time. After a while I gets boring just be careful and don't let him hurt you.

    • Thanks much I jus don't know if to go back to him or leave him...

    • I say risk it and give him a chance...if he f***s it up then leave him

  • he's a jerk. move on. you need to find something new.

  • Funny. I am having the same problem with my boyfriend for 5 months that I just left. We had the best sensuality together. Everything about us was amazing but only in bed. He never calls.. he only texts me. He never came out to my end of town. I always went to his end to be in his bed. He'd make me dinner. Buy me wine . Never really wanted to go out much to bars or movies or anything. It's all at his house and we save money. So why not! Well I figured it was just sex. Until New Years, he didn't even want to make plans with me. I had to find my own plans and then he starts calling and texting me at 2 am. FISHY?!

    I finally had the guts to cut him loose and it's soo hard cause I miss his body and touch so much. I don't think I'll find a man who can make me feel so wonderful like he did -- but only in bed. I need more mental stimulation and decided this guy was too stupid to understand what a real woman needs. Maybe even a card or flowers would ahve been nice for Christmas or New Years?!

  • im only 16 so I might not know much,

    but what is your heart telling you too do?

  • i had that with my ex, he was a jerk too, it really is hard to forget, especially he was your first. if he wasn't , perhaps it's just that you haven't met a nice guy yet.

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