Why don't black women like me?

Dear black women.....As a black man I have a couple questions for you

Why you don't like me because I am in college and take it serious?

Why do I feel intimidated to sound smart around you?

Why are the black men in college single while the black men on the streets in relationships?

Why you don't like me because I don't have tatoos and I perfer not to talk slang? Just because I know it and since I am from the hood do I have to be hood?

Why do you laugh at me and become unattracted because I don't want to be the sterotypical black male?

Why do you neglect me because I don't have top of the line clothes even though you know I am in college?

Why can't I buy you flowers and take you out without me being "too nice"?

Why are you the same girl that say there are no good men but when I try to talk to you than you don't give me a chance?


Losing faith black man

the title was changed without my permissions lol


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  • 1. Most college students date other college students. Many black men in college are dating black girls who are in college.

    2. Who are you talking to? Are you talking to the uneducated hoodrats with big booties? If so, don't expect intelligent conversation with them and don't expect them to care that you are intelligent. There are plenty of educated females with their heads on straight that would not be intimidated by you sounding smart, because we also sound smart ourselves.

    3. UGLY black men in college are single. Most of the college guys I know are playing the field and rotating different girls around, so that is not the problem. The guys on the streets are also dating girls but they are dating street girls. If you are not a hood nigga don't try to date hood girls. Holla at college girls because most of us are looking for college guys.

    4. I grew up in the suburbs and was constantly teased for "acting like a white girl" and not being hood. so I get what you're saying. but you would be crazy to think that there are no guys in a similar situation that are dating. you don't have to have tatts and speak slang to get girls! plus all guys with tatts and slang are not pulling women so that is a nonfactor. it's something else that makes women not like you...

    5. you don't have to be the stereotypical black male. it's funny how you go on and on about how you're not the stereotype, yet you're stereotyping US. have you stopped to think that there are plenty of black women who ALSO aren't stereotypical and would love to meet a guy who we have things in common with? I don't date many hood dudes because we don't have very much in common. most of the guys I know who aren't from the hood don't have girl problems, so again, its YOU

    6. you don't have to have top of the line clothes, just try to look attractive. but at the same note, I hope you aren't solely focused on the top of the line fashionista girls because they are gonna want guys on their level. hopefully you aren't the stereotypical dude who chases anything with a slim waist and fat ass and gets to know a girl for her personality and values and not JUST her outer appearance. because if you don't want to be judged harshly you might not want to do it to others

    7. don't buy girls flowers if she isn't your girlfriend. it makes you look like you're trying too hard and being a simp. stop overly trying to impress girls and just be yourself. it makes you look weak and lame. plenty of white boys on this site complain about being "too much of a nice guy" so don't single out black girls as if WE'RE the problem. its YOUR BEHAVIOR which is repelling women so work on that.

    8. you're probably not attractive for any one of the reasons I've listed. you can't expect someone to give you a chance if they aren't initially interested in you. stop complaining and acting like a victim. you probably have faults you could work on too.

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      you made me experience like 4 emotion in your answer lol... laughter, guilt, hopelessness and denial. OK welp you did hit some things I am guilty of others not so much. First, I am guilty of talking to hood girls but they seem a plenty while college girls seem scarce. Its basically a numbers thing. you say its me (I think that's just the easy way out) OK well if its me what could I possible doing wrong? I'm focused, ambitions and have a great personality.

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      You don't have to be perfectly well dressed. The girls who will ONLY date guys who dress perfectly are usually shallow or gold diggers. It's OK to look like a regular dude as long as you try to dress attractive and current. I realize that the nicer stuff is really expensive for guys, but focus on having nice shoes and a couple of good shirts.

      I'll send you a message

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      "UGLY black men in college are single" Damn.