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He doesn't talk about his girlfriend, does that mean anything?

I have been friends with this guy for about a year. I am totally into him and I can tell he likes me more than a friend, from him being nervous... Show More

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  • I'm assuming you mean when we are not talking about our girl in front of another chick (presumably one that we like)It means we don't wanna ruin our chances with the new girl (the one that's not our girlfriend), mind you iv never done that myself but.., I mean think about it... Like when you apply for a job, you tell the employer things that you think will help you get the job not things that will make the employer reject you. Obviously, if he's already got a girlfriend then that would be enough (im assuming) to deter most chicks from having an relationship with him(?) So I'm thinking, he likes you, but he doesn't want to tell you that he has a girlfriend cos he knows that it would make it obvious that you two couldn't be together.So it might seem that this guy is a bit of a player, but he does like you. And maybe (this might be what your wanting to hear) he doesn't like his girlfriend as much as he likes you. Or maybe he thinks you already know and/or doesn't want to keep bringing it up.. but that just leads right back to our first question doesn't it??Either way, if you have plans on being with this dude, it doesn't look good cos its gonna screw up a relationship that's already going which I'm assuming, most decent people would not want to do... But hey, real life is so much more different than what you read on screen isn't it??

    • I think you hit it on the head DeepBlade. Tell him how you feel, but don't get all hysterical. Only do it when you can calmly talk about it. Take a deep breath and go for it.

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  • I agree with DeepBlade. He pretty much nailed the perfect answer.If you're sure this guy likes you, tell him what's going on through your mind. Tell him that his friends have been asking you if he's told me how he feels about you. Ask him what that's supposed to mean.

  • Have you heard the term He just not that into you? That means he does not mention his girlfriend because he is just not that into her. The thing is how many more months or years are you going to allow him to go on like this?

  • So...did things work out with this guy? What was he after? I am in a similar situation currently.

  • i know its been over a year ago since this happened but do you mind sharing with me how it went down after? I'm going through the same thing and am so curious..:) thanks

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