Are short guys screwed in the dating world? :(

I just saw this question link , and honestly I am a little bit dissapointed, because no matter how hard I could try to get a girl to like me, or to get in shape, I will always get traded by the tall guy.

What is also wrong, is that my dating pool, is smaller because now I can only date short girls, I mean I can't even think of dating a tall girl for that matter. And even short girls can trade me as well for somebody who is taller.

Woo I am screwed :(


Most Helpful Girl

  • You don't have to be 6' tall to be attractive. Some girls might PREFER a taller guy, just like some guys would PREFER a girl with the perfect hourglass figure, but in reality not many people are actually born that way. And just as there are many guys out there who wouldn't mind, or even maybe prefer a girl who doesn't have the perfect hourglass figure, there are LOTS of girls out there who don't mind shorter guys, or even find them more attractive.

    For the linked question, I put down the buff bod because for me personally, I like a guy who is the same height as me, but stronger. I think it's adorable if he's right on my eye-level...but buff so he's still bigger than me and can lift me and stuff. So everyone has their own preferences, don't let it get you down. Just because it might be some girls' PREFERENCE, doesn't mean that you're unattractive if you're not tall, ESPECIALLY if you're buff.

    ALL of that being said, being VERY short (if you're with a REALLY tall girl) can become a physical impracticality (from personal experience...if one person's torso is a lot longer than the others' it can make uhmm certain activities awkward), meaning that you probably wouldn't want to date a very tall girl. But that's only an issue if you're like under 5' and trying to go out with a girl over 6'. Anddd the same impracticality exists if the height difference is the other way around with the guy being a LOT taller than the girl.

    So hmm yeah I hope I was helpful, or at least made you feel a little better?

    -Holly :)