Are All Good looking Guys Jerks???

This is kind of me venting right now but if you want to reply or comment feel free to. It seems that every descent looking guy I come across ends up being a total asshole! They turn out to be liars and cheaters and users and honestly I'm sick of it. They think that just because they have a pretty face they can step all over peoples feelings as if the other person isn't human enough for them to care about their emotions! I know for a fact that there's nothing wrong with me (not to sound conceited) but I know I look good, I'm smart, I'm great to be around, yet all the guys always go for the stupid easy girls and I refuse to stoop down to that level! Are there any nice, genuine, yet good looking guys out there that actually give a f*** about anything other than the thing dangling between their legs?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well it is a fact that every man and I don't care who you are, if your a guy your only thinking about one thing which is sex. And yes there are some nice guys out there, I am not one of them, the nice guys don't get the girls, but the jerks and assholes do, you women are just attracted to the jerk simple as that. Girl is a bitch to you, put her in her place. A nice guy would never do that hell he would probably try and make it up to you by buying you flowers, me hell no I don't do that.

    If you tried to walk all over a jerk he will probably end up making you cry and instead of him feeling sorry he did it, he will walk away feeling good, and that way you would know not to try that again. Jerks get women left and right and the nice guy well he might ocassionally come across a hot chick that'll like him.