Are All Good looking Guys Jerks???

This is kind of me venting right now but if you want to reply or comment feel free to. It seems that every descent looking guy I come across ends up being a total asshole! They turn out to be liars and cheaters and users and honestly I'm sick of it. They think that just because they have a pretty face they can step all over peoples feelings as if the other person isn't human enough for them to care about their emotions! I know for a fact that there's nothing wrong with me (not to sound conceited) but I know I look good, I'm smart, I'm great to be around, yet all the guys always go for the stupid easy girls and I refuse to stoop down to that level! Are there any nice, genuine, yet good looking guys out there that actually give a f*** about anything other than the thing dangling between their legs?


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  • Well it is a fact that every man and I don't care who you are, if your a guy your only thinking about one thing which is sex. And yes there are some nice guys out there, I am not one of them, the nice guys don't get the girls, but the jerks and assholes do, you women are just attracted to the jerk simple as that. Girl is a bitch to you, put her in her place. A nice guy would never do that hell he would probably try and make it up to you by buying you flowers, me hell no I don't do that.

    If you tried to walk all over a jerk he will probably end up making you cry and instead of him feeling sorry he did it, he will walk away feeling good, and that way you would know not to try that again. Jerks get women left and right and the nice guy well he might ocassionally come across a hot chick that'll like him.


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  • Yes there is and your talking to ill tell you where to meet poeple like myself, and what people like myself can find us rare breeds usually from smaller towns. (oh and when I say I, I mean poeple like myself also), I play sports, I play video games, and I'm very respectful to women.I think that ur setting ur standards too high, and stop going after guys who are loud and cocky.if ur at a party, were the good looking guys that are kinda quiet and just chill with poeple we know.we don't really make a move on girls at parties because we think the good looking girls are all bitchy because of our bad experiances growing up =p.u just got to give other people a chance for a change, switch up the poeple you talk to.peace!

  • Ask a lot of guys, and they'll tell you they were a nice guy before a b!tch broke their heart and dumped them. So the guy figures the only way to protect his heart is to become the thing that hurt him.

    An oversimplification, I'll admit, but there's a lot of truth in it.

    • I understand where your coming from because if a girl broke a nice guys heart to shreds, he has every right in the world to be sour about it. But when the guy decides to take "revenge" I guess you can call it that, on an innocent person that had nothing to do with their situation, then it bothers me. It's like because of the dumb b!tch before me f-ed up, I gotta take the rap for it.

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    • Yup, it's unfair, and the world would be a better place if people could learn to treat each other better.

    • I didn't really answer your question, though...

      Not all good looking guys are arrogant jerks, no more than all good looking women are shallow gold diggers.

  • I'm not :)


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  • *gives you a friendly hug* I feel your feels like guys are jerks sometimes huh? But think about it, at least you see through them! It always seems though that slutty flirts get all the boys.but wait for the amazing guy that will sweep you off your feet. Don't settle for less. There are really nice guys out there.FOR REAL.Good luck!

  • it's true that many guys think they can get away with being a jerk because of their looks just like many girls think they can get away with being a bitch because of their looks but not all good looking people are like that! you just have to get out of that circle of people to find guys who are all-around good. believe me, they're out there!

  • not ALL...but most of them :P

  • answering your question; no =]

  • most good looking guys are jerks because "they know they look good" and can get anyone they want. They are not afraid of being players and they care about feelings ALOT less then girls :/ just try looking for an average looking guy and not the drop dead gorgeous guys and the ones that look pretty decent are the sweetiest dudes ever! I swear it.

  • Not every good looking guy is a jerk

    one day you will met a sweet gorgeous guy

    who will be perfect for you

    some guys are just well jerks

    and the smart fun girls like you and me deserve better

  • I wouldn't say that because a lot of ugly guys are jerks and assholes too.