What does it mean if guy calls a girl dude?

Guys does this have any specific meaning?


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  • It can be because of a habit. I call my female friend "dude" or "man" by accident, and then I realize it and laugh, "oh, wait. You're not a dude!" Then I'll usually make another joke about it.

    I always laugh when even girls talk about other girls having balls, and how that's a compliment. Wait. if a woman has balls, then it's not a compliment. if she has guts (even that's silly, all living people have at least some guts in them), then ok.

    But "wow, heather, you have balls!" uhhhhhhhh wait; if she does. . . then. . . I don't want to know.


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  • i do it all the time lol. I call everyone dude. my girl friends are just used to it. it just means hey you hey person. I'm not thinking gender just hey you over there who I've known to long to call you by your name. lol that's all

  • Most likely just a habit.


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  • This makes me think of Kath and Kim. I love that show! Anyhow, a lot of guys say dude out of habit. It's annying but funny sometimes. Some say it to their platonic girl friends.

  • I had a guy friend who called literally EVERYBODY "dude." whether it was me, his best guyfriend, his girlfriend or his mom. (NO JOKE! I guess she was really easygoing lol). So don't be offended by it. To a lot of guys, it's just a habit on the list of habits that they need to break lol.

  • I just think it's rude or he probably thought it was funny.

  • it doesn't mean nuthing just theyre friendly like dat. plenty of my friends kall me dude but its just they way they are you know. just laugh about it or say it back :)

  • im a girl

    everyone calls each other dude

    its just easier that way

    unless it doesn't suit you when you say it =]

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