Why would a guy act nervous around a girl?

Okay, I'm trying to figure out why this guy (friend/acquaintance) STILL acts weird/nervous/shy around me! Okay, long story short, I did like this guy friend of mine 2 years ago. I have never really known how he feels about me, but I think he pretty much sensed that I liked him. Well, turns out... Show More

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  • Women are scary because of the unknown. In today`s world, particularly in the USA, a man has much to be afraid of. Here is my list of possible fears to explain his uncertainty:

    1) sexual harassment. Ask out the wrong woman at the wrong place and time and STRIKE! The poison has set in.god help him. The worst part is a man may not know if a given women would indeed cry foul until it`s too late. If a woman is a student, coworker or boss, there is much to take caution.

    2) If he really likes his current relationship, he is fearful of the rumor mill which can and will spread like a California fire. Women can be as jealous as men and is a good way of destroying a sure relationship.

    3) He is inexperienced in the dating scene or comes from a male dominated society and now finds himself surrounded by women. I served in the US Army as an infantryman that is 100% men with few women support soldiers. Once I got out, I was in culture shock with jobs that was female dominated. Messed me up for a long time.

    If none of these are acceptable, then he could be hiding something some ulterior motive.